Mom's Turkey Soup Secrets

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My mom is an amazing cook. I'm not just saying that cuz she's my mom, either. She is truly gifted. She doesn't really work off recipes except for baking. Her turkey soup is legendary. It's such a hit among family and friends that she cooks her own full scale Thanksgiving dinner the following day (we go to my brother's for Thanksgiving), just so we can have leftovers, including Turkey sandwiches and turkey soup.

I can't reveal ALL of her seasoning secrets (mainly because I don't know what all she puts in there, seasoning wise), but I can share a couple of her "secrets" to turkey soup success!

First of all, she browns the turkey carcass in the oven for about an hour. She hasn't revealed the oven temperature to me and I wasn't home for this step. I suggest you start with 350 degrees and adjust from there. Then she puts it on to boil as usual. The browning gives the broth a little something extra you won't find anywhere else.

This next tip is my favorite. This tip is worth it's weight (and more) in GOLD! TRUST ME! She adds the leftover turkey stuffing/dressing (we don't actually stuff the turkey with it) to the soup. You can either put a generous scoop in the bowl before ladling the turkey soup over it, or just add it to the pot of soup. Either way, it gives the soup amazing body, mouth feel, and flavor.

Incorporating these two secrets are guaranteed to kick your turkey soup up a notch, I promise!

What's your favorite way to use leftovers?


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