Recipes for Baby: Breast Milk and Fruit Popsicles for Teething or Hot Summer Days

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I really love making popsicles for my little one. I found this nifty popsicle tray and knew I was going to make cold treats for my baby. I started making my daughter plain breastmilk popsicles when she was around 5 months old. She loves them!

Baby Sized Popsicles


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Breast Milk Popsicles! Yummy!

For a breast milk popsicle all you do is freeze breast milk in some sort of tray that will freeze the liquid onto a handle. I like the Nuby one because it uses the perfect amount of liquid to satisfy baby without any going to waste. It also is designed to catch drips so mess doesn't go everywhere. There are lots of other brands of popsicle trays out there so find one you like.

Breast milk popsicles are best for babies 6 months or younger. They are great if your baby starts teething early and need something cool to suck on for relief. As babies get bigger and are introduced to solids you can introduce fruit (and even vegetable) flavors.

My Daughter's First Breast Milk Popsicle


As my daughter has gotten older I've started making her fruit popsicles with breast milk added to it...I like to sneak my milk into everything so she gets all the nutritional goodness.

Recipe for Sweet Potato Applesauce Popsicles

  1. Boil 1 Sweet potato cut into cubes

  2. Boil or steam 1 apple cut into cubes (core and seeds thrown away)

  3. Once both are cooked to be tender drain out any water.

  4. Throw the apples and sweet potato in the food processor, blender, or use a potato masher to puree them. Depending how big of an ice tray you use you might have more mixture than you need. If you think you'll have too much then eyeball what you think you'll need and then use the rest for babies meal that day.

  5. Let the mixture cool. I add my breast milk in at this point to get the mixture more liquid and thin. I use only an ounce or two. I try not to heat the milk so I don't destroy any nutritional content.

  6. Freeze for at least 3 hours until fully frozen. Then let baby enjoy!

Other Popsicle Ideas

  • Pureed Strawberries are a great popsicle. Be careful in case you have a family history of strawberry allergies.
  • Any fruits pureed are great. You can combine different flavors. Applesauce and strawberry are my daughters favorite.
  • Sneak veggies in as well. Carrots are sweet and make great frozen treats.
  • I avoid adding sugar. Use foods naturally sweet instead. If you use a vegetable like squash you can pair it with something like sweet corn for flavor.

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