The Status, Vision, and Needs of 'Real Life: The Role-Playing Game"

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Life. Beautiful; infinitely diverse; unbearably painful & challenging; rewarding and glorious; utterly limited yet seemingly limitless. It is an absolute joy, a pleasure, and a privilege to be alive... especially as a human... and especially in this time!

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For as long as I can remember, I escaped from Real Life by diving into fantasy realms. Science fiction & fantasy, novels & comics, TV & Movies. I could live other lives, on other planets. I could feel in control of my life, the way my story was unfolding, the way my character developed. Imagine my mind-blown-ness when I had the epiphany that we are already all playing the most epic, evolving, varied role-playing game in existence. It is on such a grand scale, that literally every other game, book, movie, or other story you have ever experienced exists WITHIN it.

Because these games and myths and archetypes are all drawn from the game of Real Life, we can find in them many truths, many powerful tools, and many reminders of just how fun life can be. For years I've had this knowing that I would be creating a book breaking down everything I've learned on my journey from depression, escapism, addiction, and self-hate to joy, excitement, healing, connection, and purpose. [And plenty of things I wouldn't say I've learned yet as I'm still working on internalizing & embodying them.]

Finally, in November of last year, this knowing that had been floating around in my head and coming up in conversations burst into the physical world! In 2 weeks, while staying with my friends @truniversal, @joycamp-benny, @holarchy, and @seededvision, page after page came through. I went from never having written a word of it, to pumping out a 25-page Google Doc.

Since that time, more and more little pieces have fallen into place, things have become clearer, and I've been working on fleshing out the scope, layout, and flow of the book. It became really clear to me a couple of months ago that what I am actually creating is the container, and that I don't need to write this whole book. Have you ever seen an RPG source-book that has an "author's" name on it? Of course not, they have the name of the game on the front, and inside is a list of the whole team who created it. This realization was SO profound, and it's been a weight off my shoulders to come to this clarity, and now I can feel the momentum building in that direction!!

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The Vision

The idea behind this book is actually pretty straight-forward & simple on its face. I am creating a source-book, equivalent to the Player's Handbook, to help guide people through taking control of their own experiences, to maximize the effectiveness & joy in their lives, to understand the way the game works and how we can play within those rules. Using stories & archetypes from sci-fi & fantasy, along with specific structures & guidelines from a variety of role-playing games, we will be breaking down everything needed to live an expansive & joyous life.

The book is going to be 100-150 pages long, filled with images & graphs, with about the back 1/4 being an appendix offering deeper research sources for all of the topics brought up in the book. This is effectively a quick-start guide, giving just enough to start the gears turning, and then directing folks to hundreds of books, documentaries, and projects which they can pursue to dive deeper into whichever topics are present for them at the time.

From the front, I want the book to have a tome-like feel to it, similar to the PHB image above. With varied & entertaining images throughout, writing from many different creators (hoping to get @larkenrose to write a piece on Tolkien's ring of power as a metaphor for statism), as well as plenty of charts & graphs to help expound some of the concepts.

Everyone involved in the creation of the book will be listed in the credits, will receive free copies of the physical books when they happen, and I'm brainstorming the best way to distribute earnings from the project. To begin with, the funding will all be used to get the physical copies printed, but I see this project having untold potential for growth & reach.

The Needs

This project needs you! Just last week, @phillyc wrote the first submission to the project, and I'm feeling excited & overjoyed to see the idea spreading, the container unfolding, and the energy & thoughts of others coming in!

If you are an artist, a writer, or even if this project just aligns with you, please get involved. We need all sorts of artwork, input of further learning to include in the appendix, LOTS more content. If anything wants to come through you, please reach out, if you've already written something that fits or could with minor tweaking, please reach out. If you just have ideas for a category or section, but have no desire/skill to write it, please reach out!

If you feel called to get involved in this project, you are more than welcome to contact me directly (Discord: ), and if you want to post things on Steemit connected to this, please use #realliferpg so it can all show up in one place :-)

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The Status

So far, the book is almost exclusively from my brain, and I'm looking to change that in big ways. I'm going to lay out here what the structure looks like so far, including links to all of the sections that have been put on Steemit (all of which are still WIP as well)

Opening a Portal

Please, please give ANY feedback & ideas that you have, please pass this on to your friends who would be excited & might want to get involved. I'm ever moving forward with the project myself, but it feels SO much better, and I know the end result will be SO much more powerful by opening it up for others to get involved and co-create with me!

Thanks for playing the game, thanks for stepping up and taking responsibility for your life. Things just keep getting better, the paradigm shift is upon us, and I really see this project as something that can help many people step into their own fullness!



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Wow this is epic Kenny. Thanks for the shout out :) Surely this is some kind of advanced magic where the book writes its self before our eyes!

Up to this point a read a view of your posts and I'm fascinated.
Interesting to read about what is going on in your head.
Life for sure isn't always easy but it is about getting the control and to live the a life in physical and mental freedom and peace.

Your vision with the book is very interesting to me.
I think unfortunately a can't support you with stories and content, but what I can do is do help spreading your message so that eventually more people know about this.

A first step is to resteem your post.
keep on going man!

That is such a cool idea, Kenny. The index so far looks incredibly interesting. I have already found a topic or two which I would love to write. We talk more on Discord.

we moves just like game . its true. real life means a lot . this philosophy is extraordinary . thanx for share

My cousin once said, jokingly:

"Real life. Terrible game, but the visuals are amazing!"


I wonder what kind of criteria he was using to decide it's a terrible game? THE most open world, variety packed, decision-influenced, MASSIVE game ever. Literally every other game we know of exists within this one...

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The elements of real life and the games they impose are really fantastic if we analyze them from a broad perspective. I believe that life is a box of surprises that we often know, and that have nothing to do with what we think or act. Life is unique, good or bad, we only have one.

So you are going to make a real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?! I've got my towel, count me in!!


Pretty much!

Excelente post, good work

Loving the idea, the themes, and the basic approach.

This is awesome. I'd love you to send me the Google doc. There's plenty there that I would love to write about, and I'm hoping I will find the time. What an amazing vision.