The Recent History and Current State of Currency/Money/Trade (Real Life: The Role-Playing Game)

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Since the Creature from Jekyll Island patch in 1913, there has been a small group of players who have figured out a way to monopolize the in-game currency systems. They’ve made deals and replaced opposition around the world in order to lock in their debt-based, interest-earning currencies as the universal standard. This small cluster of guilds (known colloquially as the Banksters), includes the Federal Reserve, The International Monetary Fund, and any “central bank”, has spread worldwide, effectively taking control of most of the world’s major zones. Of course, there has been a pushback against this monopolization of currency, and especially in the last couple decades, alternatives & counter-economic models have been multiplying rapidly.

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For the last century, there have been a small handful of guild-issued currencies which have dominated the Earth’s markets, their use often violently forced onto millions of players. The Dollar, official currency of a guild calling itself “The United States” (though the currency is actually created by the Federal Reserve, and loaned to “The United States”, with interest) has been the most widely accepted & recognized currency on the planet.

The very recent “Crypto-Currency” patch has been a big success in beginning to shake the foundations of the monetary cartel, mostly through its reminding players that there are other options. It has also allowed for many players who fall outside of many of the larger metas to accumulate a large amount of in-game currency, offering quite a bit of financial support for exciting new projects around the world. At the time of this writing, a Bitcoin (the original crypto-currency) is worth almost 7,000 “dollars”, after launching just 8 years ago for a fraction of a dollar.

As always, the players adapt, and they find a way. We’ve recently seen a great rise in smaller community-based currencies, time-banking systems, and many players returning to bartering and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) for their exchanging. Flexibility is an important factor, but one also needs to consider whether or not they want to participate in certain games or fund certain guilds.

It's very important to remember when playing Real Life that money/currencies only exist to make interacting with those whom you have no relationship easier. Many players get trapped in the grind to get more in-game currency, not realizing that it doesn't inherently increase happiness, your skills, your relationships, or anything else of major import. Just like in any other game that you've played, money doesn't carry forward into other play-throughs, is constantly worth less and less, and is easily attained through most every activity when you are having fun.

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This is a (work-in-porgress) section of a book that I've been creating & sharing for some time; I am open to your insights, questions, and recommendations. To see full breakdown of the project so far, please see: The Status, Vision, and Needs of 'Real Life: The Role-Playing Game"

This project is something that is extremely important to me, something I have felt called for SO LONG to create, and I am overjoyed to be opening the container and getting input from other creators as well! If this feels exciting and empowering to you, I'd love to have you involved!


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The Creature From Jykell Island was a very detailed.. looong.. read that inspired me to dive deeper into the understanding of money as we know it.

Amazing how that book helped catalyzed my journey... ...which ended me up at Anarchapulco this year - where I met you and G. Edward Griffin.

Psy suggest this book to everyone who says "There is nothing backing the bitcoin value"... ...Psy say, there is a fascinating study by a very intelligent man(Griffin) who will show you just how backed the dollar is......

This book is a powerful tool in wider scope of 'waking'. It is almost as powerful as a DMT trip is for waking the spiritually dead.


You're speakin' some TRUTH there, bro!

Nice write-up Kenny, "The Creature from Jeckyll Island" was a tremendous break-through in helping people understand that money is a tool of enslavement.

Most people do not know that the US has been conquered. It was conquered by financial takeover many decades ago, several presidents worked for foreign interests and the federal reserve is part of that.

One thing that can be done is to understand Lex Fori and the fact that Washington DC is a "foreign occupation". This occupation keeps us in War, the only thing that gives the federal gov legal jurisdiction over the states by nullifying the Constitution.

The "war on drugs", the "war on poverty", the "war against terrorism" keeps us under the thumb of foreign financiers because it keeps the federal government in control.

We are slowly making our way through this. Takes patience and belief. -Belief above all.