Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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As in most any game, if you continue to complete the same objectives, to “farm”, you will get slowly diminishing returns (and more importantly you will get bored and possibly decide to quit playing at all). However, when you are constantly taking on new challenges, creating new quests for yourself at your new, higher levels, you will reap greater experience, stronger relationships, and more of whatever kind of rewards you are desiring.

The most fun to be had playing the game is generally going to come from new discoveries, advancing your skills, traveling the world exploring the various zones and cultures, building relationships, and staying true to your character. Doing things that go against your alignment, your moral code, will greatly slow the development of your character, and the options that are available to you.

A good rule of thumb to ensure an ever-evolving gameplay experience is to stay just outside your comfort zone, and fill your time with things that advance the skills, traits, abilities, and relationships that you most enjoy using. Keeping your personal vision for the world in mind, you have an extremely easy filter for decision-making; go with the choice that feels most in alignment with that personal vision.

When you look around at the vast majority of players right now, most of them actually spend a HUGE amount of their time doing things that do not interest them, that they do not enjoy, simply to earn in-game currency. Since currency can be received in an infinite number of ways, and new patches to the game have added tons of ways to monetize whatever you enjoy most (Steemit, Patreon, Fiverr, etc), it’s just silly to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Remember, this is your playthrough, you are the hero, what do you want your story to be?

This is a (work-in-porgress) section of a book that I've been creating & sharing for some time; I am open to your insights, questions, and recommendations. To see full breakdown of the project so far, please see: The Status, Vision, and Needs of 'Real Life: The Role-Playing Game".

This project is something that is extremely important to me, something I have felt called for SO LONG to create, and I am overjoyed to be opening the container and getting input from other creators as well! If this feels exciting and empowering to you, I'd love to have you involved!

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yes you true you right :)

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Remember, this is your playthrough, you are the hero, what do you want your story to be?

love that!

All change happens on the edge. :-)

wao great magic

Staying in the same place, the safe place, can be comforting at a superficial level, but it corrodes the edge off life and blunts the forward momentum that the individual needs to thrive rather just survive.

Hey man, it's so interesting. As I was reading through the post, all the examples that you gave of living outside of the comfort zone, just made me think of all the things that I've done since joining steemit. Crypto, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, editing, comedy. All of these things are things that I've done to diversify my skill sets since joining Steemit, nearly 6 months ago. When Kurt introduced Steemit to me, I knew nothing about any of these things, and I could have easily used that as an excuse to not do it. I love your analogy of life as a game, much like Bill Hicks would say, it's just a ride.

I would rather say, get out of your comfort zone and get into the comfort zone of God's Grace. That would also mean that when out heart is established with the Grace of God, our comfort becomes the comfort of God's Grace. So, "Your" becomes "U+OUR". "U+OUR" is indeed God's comfort + My comfort. So, for understanding all this we need to dedicate ourself to the Grace of God, more than anything else.

Then, the real victory begins, earnings are made simple and we earn by doing things that we love to do. There is true freedom in "YOUR" comfort when we are being led by the spirit of God. So, now, I have observed that I am staying in my comfort instead of coming out of it. Think upon it!

I use a game metaphor when I teach a program I run also. I separate things into the Inner Game and Outer Game. I think you're mostly focusing here on the inner aspects of playing our best game. Totally in sync with how I see it too. Thanks for sharing this.