Flying Deer Sport Device For Home Full Review

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The Device is Also Known With the name Gazella

Flying deer is one of the best home sports equipment for slimming and tightening the body and providing a low impact exercise on the joints and knees. 

The Flying Deer gives effective results to lose weight, tighten the body and get rid of the sagging within a few weeks when used for 30-60 minutes a day, as it works to burn more than 360 calories per hour.

Lightweight and foldable for easy storage, the flying deer is an easy-to-use device that does not require the user to make a great effort to perform exercises and can be used for men and women. 

The device is also affordable and suitable for everyone.

Some criticism of the device that it provides easy exercises and does not require exertion and it is not suitable for professionals, the experiments of the device confirmed to get great benefit and excellent results to tighten the body and lose weight.

 DEVELOPED FLYING DEVICE (omni-directional):

The developed gazelle is an aerobic walking device that has been developed to allow movement in four sides, unlike the regular flying gazelle that allows exercise and movement in two directions forward and back only, and allows the flying gazelle developed four sides to provide stretching exercises and strengthening the inner thigh muscles, especially for women.

Benefits of flying deer:

- The flying deer works to burn excess calories in the body and thus helps to lose weight.

- Flying deer device works to tighten the body of the contouring quickly, especially the areas of the abdomen and buttocks and trolls as well.

- Exercise on the flying deer helps in raising the fitness level of the trainee and promote health.

- Flying deer to tighten the muscles of the entire body as it provides an integrated exercise for the lower and upper part of the body.

- The gazelle helps stimulate blood circulation and improve the ability of the heart muscle to pump blood, as it works to expand the blood arteries, which reduces the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

- The device provides low-impact exercises on the joints and knees, because the device does not require the user to bend his knees during movement, which is an ideal option for those suffering from pain and roughness in the knees.

Features of flying deer:

  •   It works to burn fat and tighten the body contouring especially the areas of the arms, thighs and hip, and the results appear within 2-6 weeks with daily use.
  •    Provides a low impact exercise on the knees and joints because the trainee does not need to bend the knees or pressure on the joints during the exercise, and so called a pneumatic treadmill.
  •    Provides an integrated exercise for all upper and lower body parts at the same time.
  •    Can be used by men and women, and does not require the user to make a great effort compared to other devices.
  •     The price of the device is very reasonable and reasonable, compared to the prices of other devices such as electrical belt and others.
  •     It can be used and transported to any place in the house, in front of the TV, the training room, the lounge, the monsters or the garden.
  •     Does not require experience or skill by the exerciser as it can be used by anyone.
  •     It occupies a small space in the house and can be easily folded and stored anywhere after the workout.
  •     It has a large foot pedal with a motion controller to prevent slipping.
  •     The device has a screen to display the time spent on exercise and calories burned.

Disadvantages of flying deer:

  •     Some users believe that the flying deer device provides a simple exercise and easy and does not require much effort, so these users believe that this device is not suitable for professional athletes.
  •     Some flying deer machines are manufactured with poor quality, and some are not suitable for heavy weight users.


Criteria for choosing the best flying deer

When buying a flying deer device (air walk) must focus on several elements and points of the most important:

1- Frame and durability:

The material made of the device (iron - steel - etc), and its strength, rigidity and unbreakable, and the thickness of the frame in order to ensure the quality of the device and not exposed to damage quickly, there are devices in the market made of poor quality materials and user experiences, they are broken after a short period From buying and using the device (1 - 3 months).

2- Foldability:

It provides the possibility of folding the device to reduce the space reserved by the device in the room, and to facilitate the process of storing the device, where there are devices that allow to reduce the size of the device by more than half.

3- Maximum user weight:

The maximum weight that the device bears for the trainees without being subjected to damage or breakage, where the maximum allowable weight varies from one device to another, some allow only 70 kg and some 100 kg, and there are devices that allow a maximum weight of the trainee for more than 130 kg, which allows the possibility of using the device Of all family members - for different persons of any weight.

Finally and the most Important
price 123$

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