Pamper your face and stay fresh with Beauty Formulas face wipes. [Review of Beauty Formulas Face Wipe; Charcoal Variant].

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Hello RealHubbers! It's been a long time away from writing personal contents and reviews. To be honest, my absence from this scene has been caused by a lack of interest. However, I've written contents as a freelancer. Aside from the loss of interest, I've been doing a lot of reality checks lately. The stats I got after accessing my life wasn't exactly encouraging, and it greatly dampened my interest in writing reviews. Well, long story short, I found a way to encourage myself and I'm back. This article will herald the beginning of a new era, and I hope to write and publish many interesting reviews as I can.

In this article, I'll be reviewing a product. Product review isn't something I have exactly done, but I'm excited to do it now. The product I'll be reviewing isn't something that is exactly used; especially in my country (Nigeria). I can't say that with all certainty though. On a scale of 1-10, how often do you think people in your locale use a face-wipe? I guess you won't have an answer to that. Well, the product I'll be reviewing today is a "Face Wipe". So if you use face-wipes, this article should interest you.

Beauty Formulas Face wipe (With Activated charcoal).


Face wipes are naturally more considered for use by women, because of their intense use-case of makeups. However, there are no restrictions to who can use a face wipe. Even babies are not left out; there are face wipes designed especially for them.

Before I delve into my review of Beauty Formulas face wipe, here's a brief description of face wipes(in case you don't know what it is);

On busy days, facial cleansing wipes are a skin-care godsend. When you're on the go (or are just too tired to fathom doing your full cleansing routine), face wipes are perfect for getting skin clean quickly. source.

Having satisfied all the necessary formalities, let's delve into my review of the product.

Review of Beauty Formulas Face Wipe (With Activated charcoal).


If you have noticed, I always put " With activated charcoal". That's because there are several other variants of face wipes produced by the same company. I opted for the charcoal variant because of some reasons you'll find out soon.

I've used this product for a while now and I can tell you that it is amazing. For me, it was love at first sight. The product's pack was what attracted me to it. I wasn't exactly at the mall to shop for face wipes. I came across the pack and decided to check it out.

The product's packaging is quite attractive. I didn't exactly like the pack of the charcoal variant more than the rest I saw at the mall. But I decided to buy that one. The charcoal's variant pack is cool though. You get a gradient of black, grey, and white, which sorts of signifies it's "charcoal" properties. This gradient of black, grey, and white is laced with green colour accents. I guess the green signifies the naturalness of the product. Aside from the product's pack and colours, it has an amazing fragrance. You can perceive it even without opening the pack.

Like I said earlier, there are various variants of Beauty Formulas Face wipes. Each of them has their specific job descriptions. For the charcoal variant;

  • It helps to remove build-up of oils and other impurities
  • Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Those are the things this variant of face wipe does. And they are the reasons I opted to buy it. On a sunny day, my face really gets messed up and oily. I end up looking sort of unkempt facially. But after using the face wipe, I become clean, and not just clean, it helps to prevent my face from getting oily again. Furthermore, it leaves a lasting, cool sensation on my face which I really like.

Another cool feature of the face wipe is that it's black. I expected it to be black though, and it's cool.


First of all, I like black as a colour (consider black as a colour). Secondly, since the wipe is black, you really don't get to see the dirt that is cleaned off your face. Which makes the wipe less irritating to use. The white wipes, on-the-other-hand looks really messy and irritating after use.

I think that's all about my review about the Charcoal variant of Beauty Formulas face wipe. The product is amazing. I can't explain it beyond what you have read so far. But don't just take my word for it. You can walk into a good mall, find it, buy it, and use it. However, I'm not exactly asking you to buy the charcoal variant. Check out other variants as well, and buy it based on the effect you need. In my case, because of my oily skin, I opted for the charcoal variant. I'm thinking of trying out the "Cool moist cucumber variant when this pack gets exhausted.


  • Cool packaging
  • Nice fragrance
  • It is really effective
  • Less irritating after use
  • Relatively cheap.


  • I had no issues using the product.

If this review spurs you to try out the product, I'd love to get feedback from you. Leave your feedback in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!


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I found a way to encourage myself and I'm back.

Feels good to have you back again. I must say that I did miss you informative reviews.

However, thanks for reviewing the Beauty Formulas Face wipe. To be honest, I don't use one because I don't really value it but, let's see what impact your review will create. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for sharing your review. Look forward to your next review.

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