Sneaking Out Of My House In The Middle Of The Night

in #reality5 years ago

This is really what happens to most of the teenager right now they felt like their parents trap them in the room after school so they cannot go everywhere or hang out with friends so they will make an idea how to escape the house just having a good time with friends. teens start doing a rebel when the parents are too strict to let their kids hang out with friends at night time, believe me I am one of them when I was teenager but I am not totally doing rebel to my parents cause sometimes when I ask permission to them they will allow me but they have their condition first before they allow me to hang out with friends at night time. I also tried to sneak out in the house at middle of the night just to see and talk to my special friend that time, becoming a teenager is the most happiest days of my life cause I had lots of friends, lots of energy and lots of crazy thing to do. But parents should always talk to their teenager kids what is the right thing to do and what is not, having a heart to heart talk with parents and understanding each other is also an important things, that's why I love my parents cause they taught us what is wrong and what is not right.

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