I Adopted A Baby. The Biggest Screw Up In My Life

in #reality5 years ago

I even confuse before between Chinese and Korean people cause both of them had this cute little eyes so people like me will get confuse whether that guy is Chinese or Korean. The first impression when I read the title of this animated story I thought he got a big mistake by adopting a baby cause when the baby grow up the baby make a mess to screw their life but I was wrong with my thoughts. So what I've learn from this animated story is before adopting a baby make sure to read all the files of the baby's biological parents so everything goes smoothly not like this in the story that they are so excited to adopt the baby without reading the files of the biological parents and what happen is he thought that his adopted son is a Chinese, lol. Anyway, this video gives me a lesson to learn about adopting a baby and be a parent.

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