5 Types of Children from Toxic Families

in reality •  3 months ago

This is really all true, parents should be more careful on what they are doing or what they may show to their kids at home cause whatever they are doing in the house and kids are looking at them it is very common that when the kids grown up they will do the same thing as their parents do or they will do an opposite ways that can also lead the kids to the wrong way. Base on my life experience I've been watching my parents since I am growing up and I can say that I got some of the behavior that my father has like for example no courage to do things cause I am shy or I am not really so workaholic before after I graduate high school cause my father is not also a workaholic person. I adopt some of his behavior and my sister adopt my mothers behavior also that is more workaholic and have self confidence.

Base on my observation also with the other family that has kids there are also types of kids that the video mention so I guess the better idea to lead the children in the right path or ways we should give the kids attention, appreciate the things that they do or they discover, treat them equal like no favoritism and teach them how to be responsible and most of all teach them what is right and wrong.

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