Let reality not stop you.

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Walking on a cold, dark night where everything seems fine, but ... Suddenly something happens, a strange event that nobody thought would happen, what many mocked, everyone thought that the end comes when death finds you.

However, it is not like that ...

What's going on? I asked someone, many did not have the answer for that ...

I'm still walking, scared, I'm cold and I can not breathe well ...

My company is a brown scooter, with worn wheels. It's the only vehicle I own at this moment.

Observing time and space, you can see a meteor shower, the view is beautiful for those who dreamed of the universe, but who live in it, is a different reality.

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This looks like a still from one of those crazy movies where everything gets nuts. So many of these movies come out, every year. It does make us all think that the likelyhood of such a thing happening is much greater than it really is.... humans are so gullible.. :)