The Joy Of Investing In Real Estate

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The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump has a strong view and believe in real estate and this fact could be established through his numerous quotes, writeups, motivational talks audio and videos advising, motivating ,encouraging and enlightening about the fortune in real estate investment.

So today was a tour with a mentor, a big brother and a real estate investor and developer consciously learning the trade as we explore the residential area open for developers around the Lekki Free Trade Zone. In case you wouldn’t be able to look what the lekki free trade zone is I’m gonna tell you a little about it

Here’s a little video to show you the major idea , plan and proposed structure of The Lekki Free Zone

The refinery by Dangote, the seaport and concentration of all other companies makes the free zone the next economy boomer for the country and Africa at large. To know more about the Lekki Free Zone kindly type the name in google and check it out

So to the main point of this post, about the tour to the acquired landed property at ibeju lekki as I followed my mentor out to inspect and do some checkups I happened to take some pictures of the money lying in the forest as we go but unfortunately I don’t take pictures of us the inspectors but here’s another pic


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Two investments that never go wrong - Gold and real estate. Unfortunately they both require quite a bit in cash to start