Brickblock Simplifying how to invest in real world assets

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When people talk of investments they put into consideration a whole lot of factors such as the legal aspect, the monetary returns and the risk factor of that industry but lucky for us we have figured out the industry others have not been telling you abbout and its the real estate industry which has proved to be among the low risk sectors we can put our money in as compared to other industries.

With the real estate industry estimated to be worth approximately over 200 trillion dollars…this makes it the most profitable investment and low risk as at the time of writing . However, in spite of the huge profits it remains a closed industry to the general populous as there are barriers to potential investors to be part of this sector as there are high entry fees, ownership transfer is very slow and most notably the high costs of doing business results in a few participating in real estate investments.

With all the above factors at play this has made the real estate industry a safe haven for the “Rich” making it difficult for the majority not to have a piece of the action., but with Brickblock joining this ecosystem these problems are sure going to be the past and we shall soon see more people venturing in the real estate sector.

What Is Brickblock and What is the Project about?
Brickblock is a smart contract platform powered by the ethereum blockchain that allows you to invest in tokenised real world assets like real estates and other investment ventures.

Just so you know Brickblock will be using the Proof of Asset Protocol (PoA) to issue Brickblock tokens (BBK) which means legal entitlement will be easy and will leave no room to cheat the system.
Brickblock believes in making the world of investment much easier and by adopting the blockchain technology its guaranteed to make things cheaper and more transparent and eliminates geographical barriers and risks associated with traditional investment models.

What Benefits Does Brickblock Bring to Investors?

First unlike other crypto projects Brickblock is not just an idea ,the company has a working product and if compared to other competitors they are the only real estate blockchain project that has filed a legal prospectus for regulatory approval which means they are far ahead of the competition in being able to legally launch a product.

Investors can benefit in either of the two or both;

1.Buying Brickblock tokens (BBK) during the token sale which is currently ongoing and which market demand growing the tokens are sure going to grow in value.
2.Buying Proof-of-Asset (PoA) tokens on Brickblock’s smart contract platform which also legally entitle you to the profits of the underlying asset!

With all these great benefits waiting for us, its a great time to join and support the token sale which you can be a part of by visiting

Brickblock ICO details

To learn more about Brick block visit and join the chat on Telegram to learn more about the project. Remember to take time to read the WhitePaper and visit other channels available, for anything else in connection with the project visit the links below.

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Whitepaper :
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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not provide any form of financial or investment advice. The reader is aware that there are always risks involved in dealing with any blockchain and cryptocurrency assets, my advice do your due diligence before investing in these crypto projects.

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