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I love books
When I was a kid, I use to go missing all the time when my mum went shopping. After awhile, she knew exactly where to find me. At the book session.
Weekends were spent at the library.
My daughter is a lot like me, loves reading. But my sons.... gahhhhhh.
But her taste is different.
So when I decluttered, I got rid of many books, but still have plenty. Now that you say, we only need one person who reads, maybe I will keep it a little bit longer just in case she comes around... haha.

I recognized that my exercise patterns were less than my imagination had predicted

haha, too close to home.

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Clutter is clutter, and I have a hard time sometimes with having books that don't "nurture" while at the same time trying to keep an extensive library.

The idea is that having a book in the house makes it so that the book, author, subjects, cover, ideas, eventually get discussed by the members of the house. But yeah, libraries and bookstores. When I was a kid I read ALL the books in the library...


We sound like such nerds hahahaha
And I know you are not!!
Neither am I!!
Ok, books that we can discuss... thank you ... I like that :D