My latest Steemit GIF emoji's - Merry Xmas - free to use.

in readallaboutit •  11 months ago

Visit my blog for my free to use GIF emoji catalogues @readallaboutit.

Steemit Merry Xmas H169 GIF.gif

Steemit Merry Xmas H60 GIF.gif

Steemit Merry Xmas H30 GIF.gif

All designs are created by me and are copyrighted. You can use them but not alter, claim ownership, sell them etc. Copyright laws apply.

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Thank you my friend and I wish you all the best in the New Year. Your wonderful shots are always my huge inspiration. Lot’s of love and see you around :-))))


Thanks for your support margaretwise. Always appreciated. Unfortunately only my Merry Xmas post is valid so you might be wasting your upvotes on the other ones as far as I can see. I won't be posting for a while and will probably powerdown my account so as to be liquid. Hope you have a great 2018 onwards as well as a fun New Years celebration.

Thank you @readallaboutit. Lots of love!!!

omg there are Steemit Emoji's!!! so cool


Thank you iramb131.

fantastic post


Thank you @layllah