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I was pretty pissed to find out that HF20 only complicated Steem even more than it already is. Once again making the learning curve even more of a rabbit hole for the new user.

Now that things have stabilized, disregard my previous post.
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I stumbled across a chrome extension that reveals details about your voting power, mana and resource credits. when logged in with Steemconnect, the @steem-plus logo appears right next to your account and whether you are on busy.org or Steemit, you'll see unique features that add to the user experience.

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on busy.org you'll be given a few new features that are also pretty damn sweet.
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Once you've installed the chrome extension, go to Steemit.com and view your Homepage. next to your reputation you'll want to click the " i "

This will display hidden details about your account.

thanks for reading my post. I hope you benefit from using this very cool and new chrome extension for Steemit.

Click Here to go to the @steem-plus chrome extension page and start keeping an eye on your Resources.

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but isn't chrome the one that listens to your conversations?? thanks!


i post to the steem blockchain and use steemconnect. it's all open to the public. i'm selling my information before google does.