Rap/Hip-Hop trough the ages and continents (Only local)

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Hi guys, i tought i would start a weekly ish posting of the Hip-hop/rap i have found that is either revolutionizing, unique, ahead of its time.
Or simply to show how far and small rap inspires!

I`ll kick this weeks post of with some modern rap/trap from Norway, theese songs are quite modern, all three are quite different but shows the new style of hip hop, and how some adapt to a more modern trap beats feel, one goes back to the Thug style in both beats and words.

The videos are not arranged after some kind of scoring list but is a snippet to make people see the nuance and variety within hip-hop and countries.

Theese two Norwegian rappers are probably two of the most popular rappers in norway theese days. Kamelen, is probably one of the most famous "thug" rappers since 2004-5 in Norway when "the Warlocks" was still active. and Kingskurkone reinvented norwegian rapping with his, clear inspiration from the new and alternative trap waves on the continent, he still manages to retain a unique approach tough. as you probably figured this song is about the little homie you always want to protect and not let fool himself in too deep shit.

The rapper Linni is one of the guys going all new school, and he has opened many doors for other rappers to talk about emotions, depression and everyday lifes many choices. the song is about "My crew/people"

This is the guys Sushi x Kobe from the earlier rap Collective Yoguttene., they went even further by themselves, instead of a regular cash trap vibe that they had, this song actually gets quite alot of inspiration from the metal scene in Norway, with the kind of screams and beat setup. this song is getting a little old now 2-3 years ish, but i think this is at the forefront of where trap internationally was at that point. the song is about "The thing i want"

Well i hope you guys enjoyed, and i will do another country next week. you guys can actually influence what next weeks post will be, by commenting if you want to read about Icelandic, Moroccan, or Belgium?

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