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"Feel a way we riot. Feel a way we hittin' Kapernicks."

​In these 2 bars the word "feel" gives each bar power. Because to feel, is to be alive. Toree T. is an artist from Tulsa that is bringing that feeling back to hip-hop. Every bar. Every syllable. But most importantly every song has a message that listeners feel. Of course she's a dope emcee that can at any moment flex her lyrical muscles, but that wouldn't be what's needed in music right now. Especially when people need music that will make them feel what's really going in the world, Toree T. decided she couldn't be silent, she would tell the story the best way she knew how. Let's get to know Toree. T.:

  1. What got you into rapping? My dad, sister and I were messing around rapping one day and came up with something pretty dope. In that moment, I realized my ability to stay on beat and my strong voice, especially for a 6 year old. Shortly after, I ended up performing in a talent show and it was crazy how great the feedback was. I fell in love with being on stage, and from there is when I realized rapping was a passion.

2, How would you define Toree T.? I would define Toree T. as an ascending woman that aspires to be a light to everyone that encounters her energy. A classy creative, a voice that speaks for many, and an uplifter that encourages people to walk boldly and confidently in their truths.

  1. If someone never heard your music before what one song would you suggest they listen to? I’d suggest they listen to “Real Onez” because I feel like most people can relate, or “Mine” for more of a r&b/hip hop type vibe. Major s/o to WeThatSound and Dmusiq on producing/mixing and mastering the track and my girl Elona for killing it on the vocals.

  2. What is #ToreeTTuesdays? On Tuesday’s I post content with a visual/message behind it. Toree T. Tuesday’s won’t be limited to just rapping a verse, there’s no telling what you’ll get on a Tuesday but best believe it’ll be something to look forward to!

  3. What's next for Toree T. in 2020? Really just continuing to create, growing my fan base, getting performances lined back up, and I’m also working on a project. The creating never stops, make sure to stay tuned. Check me out on all streaming platforms, as well as toreetmusic.com to stay updated on the latest content.

Thanks again to Toree T. for taking time out of her day for the interview. Make sure you follow her social media and lookout for #ToreeTTuesdays and all her upcoming projects.

Follow Toree T. on social media:

​Instagram: @toree.t
Twitter: @toree__t

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