Obnoxia Melanoma: The Vexatiously Horrid Swine

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I know I am going to hate sounding like a broken record but there was one person that was really grinding my gears to the point of wanting to see me down. Sure, she was not that bad in my first and second years of High School, even though she did display one moment where she pretended to snub me to make me feel bad about myself. However, I am getting way ahead of myself.

Anyways, Level 10 was that time she, who I will gladly christen her as Obnoxia Melanoma, acted like she was injured and stuff, only to tell me "We're not friends anymore." and snubbed me to no end, just to see me suffer. To make things worse, the she-devil known as Crapsack Bitchtits even laughed when Obnoxia Melanoma kept pretending to snub me. This horrid turn of events made my vocal performance in one violin recital of Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring quite a disaster in the end. The whole snubbing even went on after violin recital and it hurt me deeply. She was also that one person who kept complaining that I kept shaving my head claiming that we are not friends anymore.

Level 11 was when she was at her most disgusting after that one scumbag who was consistently absent and late and had the nerve to blurt out that I draw naked men in my journal ended up transferring. Claiming that she is a psychiatrist only to want attention just to make me feel bad about myself and complain of not "Chika-ing" with her, as if though she were an overacting villainess in a Filipino soap opera.

On top of that, Obnoxia Melanoma was also the one who kept rattling on that I was going to join the basketball club for the boys, when I never had interest in joining that club in the first freaking place and wanted to join CIE Repertory, which was the one school club that I was most passionate about! In order to make herself unsupportive of what I wanted, so much for her being a friend, she sulked and acted so indifferently in our team-building activity. Because of her lame, whiny, indifferent attitude, I ended up in the photography club, which was okay but I felt like my heart was not into it. In general, Obnoxia Melanoma loved to vex me, emotionally manipulated me, made me cry so badly after she kept harassing me during one period to the point where she asked me why I kept accusing her, thus making me to go to the counsellors' office suffocated in tears, mind you, treated me as if I were some alien to the point where she called me SPED behind my back, taunted me by taking away one of my ballpoint pens, acted way too harsh about my handwriting, treated me like a punching bag for the sake of her goddamn anger issues, thought she was so amusing by holding up a megaphone and asking me if that was where I was supposed to be only to condescendingly respond with an "I don't think so", and yelled at me saying that I hate our class with Crapsack Bitchtits cheering her on. What a couple of low-down, evil, horrid she-devils Obnoxia and Crapsack were.

Level 12 was the final nail on the coffin with the "friendship" I had with Obnoxia. She even went out of her way to ask me if I regret not being with the other batch that graduated in 2009 with Crapsack affirming that statement like the evil second Hydra head that she was. Sure, in her gratitude card she said she was sorry for being mean and that we should keep in touch, but she went back to her old tricks before we left for retreat when she wanted lechon from me. Good thing one of my teachers noticed and asked me about it and I said no because food was already provided for us in that house. So, I only brought health snack, but being the spoiled, manipulative brat she was she gave me a disapproving look as to why I did not end up bringing lechon. Moreover, just like Crapsack, she also acted all angelic during the "I Have a Dream" song. That moment kept playing on and on in my head because of how fake those two were. Heck, she also kept acting so obnoxiously towards me even during our final class photo shouting ruthlessly at me. At least, graduation happened, thus putting an end to it all.

Even in my single year at my film school, IAFT, I ignored Obnoxia because I wanted nothing more to do with her because of how emotionally draining the entire thing was. At least, I am glad she is out of my life hopefully for good.

To conclude, I can never understand why Obnoxia Melanoma saw me as nothing more than her toy just because I was so kind, well-meaning, and generous to her. Let's face it. Without anyone to be generous to that attention hog, she would end up in a lot of pain. That is honestly what I think about Obnoxia Melanoma. A total hog with a voice that is akin to nails on a chalkboard and a completely grating attitude. At least, she is not as evil as Crapsack Bitchtits.

I am totally done with going through abusive friendships like this and I do not regret anything when I say good riddance to you, Obnoxia Melanoma. You and Crapsack made my life Hell and I hope to never see you two harlots again.

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