While @randowhale sleeps...let's have a meme contest!!

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I figured we might as well have a little fun while recharging, so let's do a little meme contest!  The winner, chosen by me, will receive 25 SBD with the runner-up receiving 10 SBD.  

  1. All entries must be submitted by the time @randowhale wakes next (100% power)
  2. Create a new post with the guidelines below, do not reply to this post with your entry, it will be excluded
  3. Post title should be "@randowhale meme contest entry - @submitterusername" (ex. @randowhale meme contest entry - randowhale)
  4. Post tags must include #randomeme AND #randowhale
  5. Any of the images below can be used

Have fun, can't wait to see your entries!!

Don't forget about the awesome #memechallenge as well!  Please see this post from @fibra59. @randowhale will be contributing an additional 50 SBD to the winner for a total of 80 SBD on that contest!

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I wish everyone good luck :)

Good luck to all!

Nice idea @randowhale :)

Check out my #randomeme contest entry click here

I did a meme today...Check It Out

Ill have a go!
Edit: I made 2 😁

Upvoted and resteemed. Gotta try my hand at memes when I get the time. LOL

Nice :) Ready to see some fresh memes

gotta do it, gotta do it (-: ty

This was a great idea. Wish I had seen it. If like to see more of this.

@randowhale please vote me

Nice post..Thanks bro👌👍

Sorry rando I sent twice for one post can you refund?


All set.

Thank you so much and sorry for bothering

Thanks for this contest. @randowhale :)

Thanks for the contest!

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nice It is very good to see that this is your initiative. I have received your service three times in a few days. I hope to receive many more times.

..And people say Bernie is bad 😁

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What can we do when someone bytes your memes like alts-davids is doing to me?

My bad he made his before mine i guess

I have send 0.5 sbd with this url 10 minutes ago.
I think it messed up in traffic, please check.


Your request was refunded. Thank you.

I'm in! Rock and Roll! 🐋🐋🐋

Nice seeing you back...

Great !
I just made one !!
Thanks for the contest @randowhale !

Are you allowed to post more then one entries ?

Sure, why not..

Ha Ha
Sleep Well!!

Intentaré. Gracias

Can we submit multiple entries in one post?


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Check it out guys:

entry #1
entry #2


I am new on steemit... how will i get to know when @randowhale wakes with a 100% power?

Go to http://steemd.com/@randowhale to check voting power.

You can download the chrome extension

In under the wire .... posted to my blog and not here per your Instructions.

very different one indeed!!!!

Kire beta voting power to 100 hoilo.. uthbi kokhn?

this is exactly what I want to talk to you about!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

I love how there are now 6 votes, I hopped in, and ZERO potential payout. LMAO

Perhaps learn from the lesson.

if this is your first day and already complaining / begging for funds then you don't belong here and that is why i flagged you this kind of comments we see as spam

You have no funds now because you just joined... don't expect money immediately, this isn't a "get free money" scam...

Please don't use all-caps for something like this either, and stop begging for vote as @stresskiller said. These comments aren't helpful to the Steemit community, and when you post like this you'll get flagged/downvoted.

Shameless begging,
at it's finest!