Yep and downvoted too.. even with a 100 comments 😜

I’m not as loved as you think.. and I’m never mentioned in any of those types of posts, so I think that’s all in your head 🙃

I got 12 steem liquid in my wallet. I usually power up everything but ill keep it liquid if youll take the bet..

If you dont have at least 2 entries by the end of competition you get my liquid steem. If theres at least 2 entries about Justine you have to write a post with the title:
"Why butterflies are awesome"

...and you have to take some great butterfly photos doing awesome things.

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Lol, you’re a mess you know that? I’ll take that bet.. but I can’t make a shit post about butterflies (I don’t want to end up on trending and hated even more) .. so you may have to wait for me to actually get some good photos of some (I haven’t seen any lately). 😃

Why am i a mess? Id love to hear that. Havent had a proper psychiatrist evaluation lately. Haha

Youll figure something out. I know youre under pressure to deliver a good post because even if you posted you making monkey noises you would trend. (Modern art)😂
Thats what im counting on.

People post cat photos, dogs, sheep (mostly Scottish folks) but no one gives butterflies the props.😂😂😂

Look at this majestic creature. Haha
Looks like me. Hairy back and all.


and you have to take some great butterfly photos doing awesome things.

Do butterflies ever do anything except for randomly appear and flutter around without a reasonable direction?

Oh and then of course get killed accidentally and drastically change the future for time Travelers

Dont you sass me Acid!😁

Get on that keyboard and help me win this bet. Haha

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I stopped reading halfway through the bet info :p

😂😂 fair enough. Haha

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U downvoted me the other day so this was obvious retaliation.

I figured as much.. you’re such a drama queen you couldn’t handle all the engagement on my posts.. jealousy will eat you up inside though, it’s good to let that rage out in downvotes occasionally. 😜

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