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Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad that you feel better now :)

Great photos bro. I'm just on an island camping and swimming. I took 3 day vaccation - the only one I will have this summer..

I'm glad you enjoyed your time. See ya around


Have fun out there! Anytime is enjoyable with the right people, heat or sleet! ;) Cheers mang.

Wow Korea is so beautiful and naturally it's awesome and amazing country looks to me.
Thank you sir for bringing it for us.

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Really you share some interesting photos @kaliju.

Korea is a country that wants to be visited by many people, including me. But well, to be there maybe need quite a lot of SBD :)

me alegra que ya esta bien de salud,fotografias demasiado lindas,saludos desde margarita venezuela seguimos visitandonos,feliz niche

haha that mini bridge is cute 😄

How beautiful Korea is!)

@kaliju, First picture is literally amazing to explore for sure, and we can explore the movement of water standing their, and that Golden Hour picture holds the breathtaking essence for sure.

In my opinion you are having great time while floating in water on that beach. And for sure that corn fields are giving the natural essence and Agriculture field work always remind us the core work of human beings.

Oh, in my opinion when we go for an outing after sometime then that experience becomes more amazing for sure. And those tents are super cool and it's reflecting as prepared for an awesome camping.

Yes, sometimes when we travel through train for sure we can get to see some beautiful places or creations which can encourage us to capture an picture and specially if it's have the pure and natural essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂