Meanwhile back at the Ranch: still fencing

in ranchlife •  9 months ago

Today we put in our corner and gate posts for the next run.
We also set up more water for the yearlings. We have a small stock pond in the area we are fencing but tha standing water where the cattle are is gone so we will be hauling water till we move them.
We did some fly control today too. We put up a fly sock and also a scratching post.
The cattle are looking very healthy and haven’t even began to put a dent in the grass in the first pasture.
We could use a little rain though. Most of last weeks rain just missed us. Everything is still real green but the grass is heading out and more rain would add some growth.
The foothills of this mountain is where spearfish (home) is located about 50 miles away.
Beautiful view!

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Looks like a lot of fun. Beautiful place!!!


It was a fun day! We are enjoying the journey.

would love to visit your place dear


Thanks the ranch is a work in progress for sure . Pretty much just raw land in the middle of nowhere, but it is beautiful and a fun journey we are having.

Wow your home is up in the mountains. Such a beautiful place


yes spearfish is beautiful place to live. We are only 15 miles away from that biker destination known as Sturgis where the annual rally is.