Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: Springing Into Action

in ranchlife •  14 days ago

Now that our temps are into the 40s and 50s we have started in on the spring work load. There is a long list of things to do. This last weekend we setup up a water collection system off of the barn. We had salvaged some gutter and tin from a project this last summer. Water collection will hopefully lighten the load on hauling water all the time.
We set up the downspout to drain directly into the 300 gallon tank.
The next task at hand was to get the old John Deere 60 up and running. It is firing right up now but we haven’t been able to get the hydraulics to work.
Turns out the shaft where the Hydrualic pump slides over take off is all wore out.

Over the week we have devised a plan too drill a couple of holes through the sleeve and bolt the sleeve onto the shaft. We will be trying that today. 0278DF3E-4CD0-48A1-8BC9-E9F7A9D46486.jpeg
Moma and baby calf are doing great but no new calves yet to our surprise. Hopefully soon!

Everybody out here is happy for Spring!
Thanks for checking out our adventure!

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