Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: Calf Watch begins

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Thursday March 7 my nephew and I started another trek to New Mexico and back to bring back my fathers ashes . Jade went out Friday morning to feed and water. He found a heifer showing signs that a calf was not far off this was a little earlier than we expected.
he stayed out and prepared a stable and kept an eye out.
Friday evening My son and his wife spent the night out there while grandma and Aunty watched the children.
Overnite Friday another storm came through and they wanted to be sure they weren’t snowed out.
Instead they got snowed in.
They only had about another 6 inches of snow.
But a westerly wind came with it and the south road which had been plowed the day before proved to be impassable.
They made it about a mile and a half before they stuck the truck good. The wind was drifting snow around the truck faster than they could shovel.
The decision was made to hike back to the ranch and use the other truck to go for the north route out.
Because of the deep snow this ended up taking a couple of hrs
They took the snowmobile out and checked the north path. This was bad but not impassable. They made it out. My son came back to town for supplies and went back out for the night.We came out Sunday morning with water. He had dug out the bad drifts on the north road. It took about 4 hrs to dig his way to the stuck truck. But we did retrieve it. It was a beautiful sunny day. The temp in the upper 30s. Monday they one again plowed out both roads. I used this opirtunity to haul out another round of water.
This is how deep the snow is on the south road. We were under another storm alert. For Wednesday thru Thursday night and no calf yet.
Sharing another sunset.

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What an eventful weekend