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Household Products Haul!

Hello, Steemit friends!!! This is @ramengirl ;) I bought a new household stuff for my new apt! What kind of shopping do you guys prefer? I personally prefer online shopping beacuse I can have a lot of choice with cheaper price :) Ofcourse I bought most of the household stuff online again this time!


I bought a table to use as a dining table and a desk. This table was around $90! I used the same table from my parents' house since high school. Sometimes cheap wood furniture is so weak so you can use only a few years but I know how strong is this table so I bought it :)


Heavy stuff such as toilet paper, detergent, it's really hard to bring it to home from the supermarket if you don't have a car. So I just bought it online! If you order from shopping website like Coupang, it will arrive home the next day. Very convenient! There is no worry for a few months if you buy a large quantity when you buy it :)


I think I went to Daiso the most while I'm moving out. Because literally, they have everything!


As you know Halloween is coming soon!​ Daiso had a lot of Halloween decorations stuff, and I think I'm going to have a party with my friends at my new apt, so I bought small decoration for Halloween.


And this is a footbath, I used to have a plastic one, but this time I bought a wood one! I also order it online, but it's super biger than I thought... I'm kind of afraid to use this 😂




I bought the laundry dryer online as well. I wanted to buy at the supermarket​ but it was expensive and they didn't have a lot of designs too. I used all the discount coupons and it was around $30. I like it so much! :)



I bought a new rice cooker. I don't cook rice that much at home, so I bought a rice cooker with the most simple function.​ It was also around $30, and I think the shape of the ​rice cooker is so cute haha.

I think I bought a lot of products! But it was a ​decent deal so I'm happy about it!

Hope you guys start​ nice another week! And have a nice day thanks ;)


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that's a good management thing you do. I am very impressed with your work. it is a great technique in doing shopping for home appliances. really a very good post. maybe i will do it also at home, just like you do. i like it. i always foolow you. thanks my friend. by, @boyasyie

Dreaming home with laptop when you invite for tea in this wonder place

Good post from you.
great place, where you got it.

I prefer online shopping too! your haul make me happy, you should do a clothing haul too!

I prefer online shopping too but mostly for clothes! I have never bought any furniture or other stuff online but I will consider it since it´s a lot cheaper and you have a bigger selection

Looks like you are all ready for your new place. Daiso is awesome, like you said, they have everything. Although it is unfortunate that Daiso is about to move into my building. It's going to be so busy in the area now, no more peace and quiet. Do you prefer using Coupang or Gmarket? As a foreigner I've found Gmarket really easy to use, but I don't have any experience with Coupang. Hope you like your new place

역쉬 센스쟁이시네요 ~~~ 감각이 있으신거같아요^^
행복한 밤되세요

Have enjoy 😊 at new place.


New apartment for new life! Enjoy a brilliant future!🌈🌈🌈😋😋😋

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Excellent post and I wish steemit had a sticky or pin option because this is one of those Particular posts.

I love shopping online too! and you have Daiso there? That's awesome!

Yea nice girl i also want to buy that :)

make your dream home :)

예쁜꽃도 필요하겠지요.^^
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Oni, where do you move into? Seoul ?
that foot bath looks really nice, what do you put in it? sea salt + water?

wow so cool! I never knew that you could even buy a foot bath... we don't have that in America... or at least that I know of. Keep sharing! I love learning about your culture through your posts.

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