Curation Corner # 21 -- Recap -- Guests @disregardfiat & @markegiles of

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We had a great visit with @disregardfiat & @markegiles of and wow what we found out today. I’m of the opinion that Dlux is currently a sleeper app among those coming out on the platform with the possibilities of where it can go being amazing.

Dlux is a virtual reality application being developed on the Steem platform. Now, I’ve always thought of VR as being something which was cool for games but very little practical application after that. I have been disabused of that notion after this show.

One of the possible applications we talked about was in relation to @spunkeemonkee currently in their beta phase. Right now, the children do their offline activities, write their journals, receive their points and then they choose coordinates on the map to dig their treasure. That’s pretty cool eh?

Now imagine if the child can load the map and use their mouse to explore the map and dig in real time right on the map. Just like being out on a real life treasure hunt. The best part, the children don’t need special equipment to take part in this experience.

We talked about the possibilities of where VR enhanced content could make the consumption of content more immersive. Travel writers, you might want to listen to the recording where we talked about that. They are just one example.

@starkerz made an unexpected visit to the show and talked briefly about some of the business models which could be coming to the platform aided by the framework that Dlux provides.

I was really disappointed to discover I apparently had a recording glitch and about the last ten minutes of the show didn’t record. Not sure what happened, everything appeared to be normal when I turned the recording off.

I guess one of the perks of attending the show is not missing any of it.

Here is the recording:

Yes, I forgot to change the date on the recording screen. It was Feb. 5th when the recording took place.

Next Guest

We’re looking forward to having @fredrikaa from Steempress, the Wordpress plugin that lets you link a WP blog to Steem, join us on Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC


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It was such a pleasure being on the show, thanks for having us! We can’t wait to see what people build with this framework, we’re confident the next wave of social media will be immersive. Just one correction: the project blog is @dlux-io, and the website is

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oops thanks.. surprised checky didnt catch that. .. Was great having you both on. Looking forward to your next great updates you want to talk about.

@disregardfiat for president!


Coincidentally I'll be old enough by 5 days...

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@crypto.piotr put me here and I am glad I found you. This is an interesting podcast. This particular one and your whole show. Thanks for your work!


thanks for stopping by .. hope to see you join us on the shows.

Dlux is a sleeper app you are 100% correct.

Virtual reality on Steem?........ now that would be pretty bloody awesome!!!!!!!!

Im missing some amazing shows you are doing lately. I so wish I had the time to hang around discord like I use to. Dlux sounds awesome. I love VR


it was a real eye-opener of possibles ... we just did a show with @fredrikaa today which was really interesting as well. Tomorrow is Witness Chat at 5pm UTC


I just seen that you had fredrikka, I love steempress and use it for my non steem brand. its got massive potential. Not sure if I can make it tomorrow, Amber has gymnastics so i am busy with kids as always

Thanks for this great podcast, @shadowpub! It was a great look behind the curtain as to what is going on with the dlux project. Very exciting stuff!