How to Treat Broken Feet

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Cracked feet usually occur because the condition of the skin is very dry feet too long left. If the condition of the skin has been cracked like that move was so uncomfortable, also makes you not confident to wear open footwear like sandals. Less care for foot skin health is one factor that can make the skin cracked feet. Lack of vitamin intake and also too often exposed to sun exposure can also be the cause. Then, how to solve it? Let's see how to deal with the following chapped feet.
Honey in addition to favors in consumption for the health of the body can also be a powerful natural moisturizer and antibacterial to overcome the dry feet. How to use it simply soak feet into warm water in the basin, then add honey approximately 100 ml into the water. While soaking the feet, can while rubbing the legs for dead skin to decay. Do this way every two weeks to help the process of replacing new skin so much faster, the skin of the feet was so soft.

This deliciously consumed fruit has soft meat and has many vitamins and minerals in its womb. Avocado can provide moisture on the skin of dry feet naturally and its good content can also maintain healthy skin. No wonder why avocado is often used as a maker for the face. How to use it is lavent avocado meat until smooth, apply on the skin of a dry leg while gently massaging the foot. After that, leave a few minutes then rinse your feet thoroughly.

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly is one of the most powerful remedies for dealing with dry, cracked toe skins that make your skin's skin texture rough. Before applied, patroleum jelly can also be mixed with a few teaspoons of lemon to be more effective to overcome the cracked feet. After you apply the mixture on the legs, immediately put socks so that the mixture was more easily absorbed on the skin. In order for maximum results do this way regularly every night before bed, then the next morning you will get perfect smooth foot skin.

Olive oil
Natural ingredients that you can try are Olive Oil. Many of the many benefits stored in this olive oil, not only good for health but also effective to keep skin healthy and beautiful as long as you are diligent to wear it with the skin so cracked feet will be quickly treated. How to use it is enough to grab a few drops of olive oil, directly apply on the skin of the feet are cracked. Rough and dry skin will return to be clean and soft.

Coconut oil
The next natural ingredient you can try to prevent cracked feet is coconut oil. Not only olive oil can bring benefits for skin and hair health care, coconut oil is just as effective for getting healthy skin and hair results. How to use it the same as olive oil, first soak the foot in soapy water or salt, then rub it with a pumice stone. Then, wash your feet and dry. After that, then coconut oil applied to the area of ​​the skin of the foot is dry and cracked. Do this way regularly before bed, do not forget to wear socks so that coconut oil can work optimally.

Rice flour
With a slightly rough texture, rice flour can be used to exfoliate the skin of dry and cracked feet. So the dead skin on the feet can decay and you will get a soft new skin and healthy. How to make a scrub from rice flour is first to combine a handful of rice flour with a few teaspoons of apple vinegar and honey, stirring until smooth and dough texture such as pasta. If the condition of the skin is already severe dry, you can add olive or coconut oil on the dough. To get the best results, do this treatment method 3-4 times a week.

Spice this one kitchen can be used as a powerful solution to overcome the cracked feet. In addition, salt can also serve to keep the feet moist and blood circulation in the legs. Not only the look of the foot so beautiful, but also healthy. How to use it simply by inserting half a cup of salt into a basin of warm water, mix or stir water until the salt dissolves, then soak your feet for 10 minutes. While soaking your feet, you can also rub them with a pumice stone. After that dry and do not forget to use moisturizing cream.

How? Already preparing the above materials? Yuk, immediately follow the method of treatment to overcome the skin cracked feet. Do not forget to do regularly yes, skin healthy and beautiful foot is not just a dream so you can realize it from now on.



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