Coast To Coast AM Talking Crypto for Part of Tonight's Show

in #radio3 years ago (edited)

I haven't heard a lot of crypto topics on Coast To Coast AM - the biggest overnight talk radio show in the USA (maybe even the whole world).

But tonight they are talking about crypto for part of the night (right now, in fact). I didn't catch the show, so I don't know how good the discussion is, but just wanted to let you know. Maybe you'll get something out of it, dunno.

That they are talking about crypto on this major radio show is indicative of just how much interest there is in crypto from the mainstream - but you knew that, as you've been watching the charts lately! ;)

You can tune in live on the AM dial in most places in the USA, and even some other countries (do a search for the stations that carry it). There's live streaming from their site and archives too, which are both pretty low-cost with a membership:

Coast To Coast AM - a graveyard shift worker's best friend, a security guard's companion in the night, and a lonely heart's company.


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