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Ganymede is a demonstration collection of web implementations exploring various ruby scripts and api calls posted on the STEEM blockchain, see:

This project is hosted publicly here:

Ganymede, Jupiter's largest satellite, by Voyager 1 on the afternoon of March 5, 1979 from a range of 253,000 kilometers (151,800 miles).

This project also serves to demonstrate a Ruby on Rails project that can access the STEEM blockchain using the Radiator gem.


$ git clone [email protected]:steem-third-party/ganymede.git
$ cd ganymede
$ bundle install
$ rails s

Once the server is running locally, browse to:


Get in touch!

If you're using Ganymede, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me what you think! I'm @inertia on STEEM.


I don't believe in intellectual "property". If you do, consider Ganymede as licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 License.

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This is simply awesome! Your thoughts go hand in hand with one of my favourite motto "All for one and one for all!!!" Thanks a bunch for sharing. Namaste :)

DUDE - I was JUST thinking the SAME thing!

This is pretty awesome man thank you for posting!

Great work @inertia on Radiator! It's excellent to see our developer toolkits growing with a Ruby wrapper. No doubt many Rails developers can benefit.

Cool app! Good work!