Why color distribution ? Stop Racism , stop killing dreams . A Heart Touching Story

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Translated from Urdu.

A great writing from Dr. Ashtasham Anwar

I was in the brethren. One was a big brother, a little sister. Their color was not so dark, but it was very clear. On the other side, with simple formatting,brown would probably be wrong, black my skin was black!

When I was still conscious, I saw people having fun with my parents "It does not look like your daughter, did it change to the hospital? "They used to laugh and laugh.

If sister-in-law had a fight, then even if they were discontinued, you did not change our sister, but to the hospital.
Some parents stopped them, some became mature with age. They stopped saying that.

When playing with children in the neighborhood or in school, and if they had any fight against them, they would be black too. The fight was on one side, the kidneys used to be joking too.

Even though it was up to fun, it was okay, people thought so and said seriously. I do not forget the day when children were playing drama at the school's annual event, how two girls of my class asked me if I would play a role in play. I had to answer them, looking at my seriousness, as if I came to my heart. If you complain to the madam for tears in the eyes, then they also understand that I have to increase my heart and there is no point in paying this role.

Mother used to love a lot like all other mothers, but only brought me some special colors for her clothes, that her daughter and more daughter-in-law used to be more adolescent. I found such a whole life closed on my own. The younger sister, however, wore every color and used to wear every color. My mom sometimes says it's my point of view. I have this desire in my heart, I too listen to this word for myself!

All this has caused a negative impact on my mind. My mention of self-esteem, self-esteem.
I was hesitant to face other people, especially the guests. People used to be joking in front of me, this is a child, what will be it to understand. Not all of them knew, when I grew up, maybe from the same day when I started to understand the word "black".
I was dressed up without hesitation, even wearing a new shirt thought I'd like something good.

On the day of vacation, we have to go somewhere, somebody has to come to our house, mother used to think about me, wash my face and bathe. I soon understood that he would think and say that if a colored black colored black orange does not wash, it will become worse. The younger sister did not say anything to wash, but he used to do it

Daddy was also very helpless, although he used to emphasize my studies, "read the baby, read it". The younger sister also got the discount on which I used to be very surprised. Understanded, they would think, if his education was not good then who would accept it? How will you stand on your feet?

And again, the knock knocked out. They started transforming the girls, they started listening. If you see a boy, then the fertilizer starts spreading. The eyes of the eyes and the sun went down; all were awaiting when a princess came and was forced to marry.

And in the meantime, a boy being an artist would look at my eyes also. The universe was that if someone's fault was seen, he just got away, did not return again.
And tell you the truth, I soon became so realistic that I did not think about it. After looking at a boy, no desire has been thrown out, never slept in spare eyes. I knew it was not for me.

And yes, I forgot to mention one thing. I would not have felt so much of my black color, if I did not get advertisements for newspapers, magazines, and TV-rich creams all the time. This feeling is absorbed in me and others like me that black color is a bad call from which to get rid of as quickly as possible, and even how much Jatts should do.

The benefits of the color of the color, which actor did not tell.
Creating creams, sellers, advertiseers, performers, working in them, earn money, how to make them realize how their souls are!
And either these creams do some work. I secretly hide what he says, Google also keeps on showing how black can be darkened. That's why the department of medicine did not reach at least at least this hospital.

Sometimes I used to think so big writers write, the TV opens, let's give lectures, and then big big lawmakers, politicians, NGO's, does nobody think that such advertisements should be banned That result in which only one particular color is considered acceptable, and thousands of thousands of girls get embarrassed!
And there will be an institution that will take care of the media activity. Why do not they stop these false claims, heart-loving ads?

These days some churches have become a big church. Mother will come from me for sometime and take me to great memory. This series lasted several months. The one who was going to ask, did not know what to do in these creams, what to do with the color, what they used to do, they used to cut the colors as they used to fly.I got rid of my hair. Before it grows, I abandoned the use of my mother without telling her. My life was isolated as my best partner. There are so many tears that do not flow in life, I can! Ask a senior or any psychologist to see, tell you, stop negative thinking, get busy somewhere, do some job, Show the time to prove yourself. Do not tell any of these lovers, even doing this, who is the one who gives us jobs. I had a good education career, I went to interview for a lot, could have been recruiting on merit, but when I saw the intervivors, they started getting started, I begged for two questions. As a straightforward simplified principle, the value that was happy, the more likely the job was to get a job. The door of the job remained closed on me, and then what happened to me was afraid. The days are coming to find a relationship and find it a little longer, something went wrong. First, no one had come, if any one came to forget, he would not return. The days started changing in months and started making months for years. Chesting on my personality became more deeper. All the households realized that the shear of a seriousness. Because of me, relationships were not seen even for a little sister that if she got married then all hope would be going on for me too. I was worried that the thought of this younger sister also came. Then one day I got too well. Perhaps the right says couple are made on the sky. Naveed was the eldest of seven siblings. Dad died somewhere in childhood, the burden of heavy responsibilities was at the same age. One by one would study and then get married, almost got out of age. There was a cashier in a bank. Forty-four beats, less hair and glasses used to be a professor. However, I used to do everything possible to take care of me. And thus, life has gone on a new trap. The warrior is about to be a year now. The person who has become a physician before me, and those who have broken the strokes of the conflicts, have tears in their eyes. I swear to the lips, I am at the hospital's bed. Tomorrow Allah has blessed a daughter. My aspect is lying down and my mother has gone! 😢😢😢😢😢😢


I tried to read this even with the translation but even this too, I’m having a hard time understanding.

Contact me on Facebook for Urdu translation , as I translated it from Urdu that's why it is hard to understand translation

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