The Desire For Trump to Be Racist

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There are actually a number of self-proclaimed anti-racist folks in the U.S. who want to see Trump express racism. This is because it is their priority to see him go down, and pinning him as racist is a powerful attack.

Ideology Baltimore.png

Ideology Baltimore2.png

But such folks should be careful what they wish for.

By interpreting and declaring as racist Trump's recent tweets about Baltimore, these anti-Trump folks are causing division between themselves and most other Americans who don't see these tweets as racist.

And this isn't just some benign disagreement.

Thinking they're identifying hard proof Trump is a racist person, these anti-Trump people are jumping to the next conclusion: that continuing to defend/support Trump is indefensible.

"If you support/vote for the president, you are a racist," some are saying.

They're trying so hard to take Trump down, they're mislabeling his supporters as racist, and thus, losing their desire/ability to relate to (or care about) this roughly half of the country. Because why care about racists? Because if you support the president, you are a racist. Because Trump is clearly a racist, because he harshly criticizes individuals and communities that are nonwhite.
Dots connected.

This stretch reveals how the U.S. as a whole, by way of ideological camps continuing to drift astray through fear and toward radicalization, is becoming evermore so a divided nation. This division will undermine progress in addressing the social ills of our time (homelessness, immigration, under-employment, addiction, etc.)

All this is happening because Americans are losing their ability to remain above the name-calling and other insults that have come to define political discourse in 2019.

My suggestion: ignore the politicians and let's find our own solutions to the social ills of our time. If you're in the Twin Cities, let us proceed on this path at the upcoming screening of my documentary about area homelessness. See here:

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