Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive

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Oh boi, that didn't age very well ^^'

With this free game, car manufacturer Mercedes promotes the redesigned "CLC Coupé", following its competitor BMW in terms of advertising methods. Before you set off on the race track with your sports car, you choose between nine different vehicle paint schemes and three tire types. Afterwards you race together with five other coupes across London - by day and by night. In the online mode, you then have to complete the fastest possible lap time alone. The fastest driver by October 2008 will win an exclusive invitation to the "Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive" driving experience.

Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive
Episode 1
Release: 2008
Genre: Racing
Modes: Singleplayer & Multiplayer
Developer: Mercedes-Benz
Publisher: Mercedes-Benz
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Played on PC with Keyboard in 4k

0:00 - Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive Intro
0:33 - London, London Eye - Day
4:20 - Race II, Tower Bridge - Day
8:04 - Race III, Westminster Abbey - Night
11:30 - Race IV, AI Rocket Boost FTW - Night
14:50 - Redemption Race

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