They Won't Let Black People Have Nothing ....

in #racelast year

Just more observations from the desk.

They won't let black people have nothing. I noticed other folks referring to one another as King and Queen ... now.

They weren't doing that; Only we were addressing one another as King and Queen -- they won't just let us have that...

just like they wouldn't just let us use the N word the way we wanna use it; they had to tell us nobody can use it if they can't use it too; because they using it too; the same way we use it; while also still using it the same way they've always used it; which is why we don't want them using it; they just won't let us have anything...

They won't even let us have racism; won't allow us to be victims of racism, always gotta claim they experience it too; From non blacks claiming that being asked to wear a Mask is oppression ... when it's not ... to Asians claiming that hate crimes are out of hand, and something must be done right now, when fact is, they're talking about small crimes; someone pushed them, someone spit on them, called them a name .....

..... While black people out here being Murdered by Police -- only for the families to get Zero Justice --- the Police to walk; often supported by all the same non-black groups who claim THEY TOO Face racism and discrimination ....


Of course, all forms of hate are wrong; but any opportunity to Take the spotlight off what happens to black people, they take it.

That's why I stopped watching "Amend on Netflix" after 3 episodes.

It went from talking about the real struggle for equality that black people were facing in America - and shifted to talking about Women's rights, and LGBT rights ... and yea; that's how it went in real life too. Black people still don't have equal rights, but America goes out of its' way to make sure all OTHER groups get the equality they seek.

The same energy isn't going into reporting all the hate crimes black people have dealt with the past 40 years. Even the stories that make the news, aren't all of the stories. The black men and women who become hashtags, unfortunately aren't even the entire story. So many more black people are losing their lives, to 'anti black racism' - but some Asian lady got pushed over while walking home. That's the bigger story.

Almost every day for the past 2 weeks, all the attention is on what's happening to Asians in America. That Mass shooting was horrible in Atlanta. However, even I am unsure that 'race' was his ONLY motivation. I'm sure it was one of many, but possibly, not the only one.

White culture has been very violent for centuries now. They've produced these kinds of mass murderers for centuries. Naturally I am sure his being white, and thinking that other people's lives do not matter, was part of his reasoning. It could also be that he was a sex addict, with no respect for human life. For all we know these massage parlors were NOT the kind that give happy endings, and these women were murdered, for saying no.

However, here's what isn't happening. These women are not being blamed for their own deaths.

When Botham Jean was murdered, in his OWN apartment, the media made sure to tell everyone, he smoked weed. He had weed laying out, in HIS apartment, and even had a bong. Like, how dare he smoke weed in his OWN house!!!!

The story about Breonna Taylor, the media told, is that her Boyfriend shot at the police and forced the police to murder her. We were told her ex-boyfriend sold drugs, that drugs were in her apartment. She just had be pumped full of bullets by the police.

Whites can even be found on all media platforms that let them, which is most, saying George Floyd had drugs in his system too. They say that is what killed him, not the officers knee on his throat for 8 minutes, and 46 seconds.

They won't let black people have nothing ... not even the racist oppressive life altering bullshit we go through on a daily bases, from all non-black races....

All the attention, spotlight, empathy, is reserved for other groups. Groups that made fun of us for calling one another King and Queen. Groups that now won't let us have that either ....

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