I can flag also.

I know! I also know that you are very kind. You might look at his reputation and decide to pardon him since he appears to be a newbie. Some people do not consider that. Have a reputation of -2, and they'll still flag you.

I only used a 1%, which won't hurt him much if he figures it out and decides to stick around.

I hope he discovers this and get's to know why he was flagged so that he might learn, that is if he's open to new lessons.

I will try to get across to him on discord and see whether I can impact on his Steemit life. This is the whole essence of life-to improve other people's lives,to add to the world which we find ourselves

Moreover, they say that if a father beats a child with one hand, he uses the other hand to drag him to himself. The whole essence of the flagging will be defeated if he does not get to know that he was flagged and why. So I will help you school him on that.

Blessings to you @donkeypong

Thank you for being so considerate. If you reach him in the next few days and he can edit the comment, I'll be glad to remove my flag.

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