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RE: Strong Water: A Google Journey Through American Culture and Innovation

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In Nigeria, properties worth millions of Naira are destroyed every year secondary to wild fire. It is particularly prevalent in Northen areas of the country where deserts predominate. These fire spread rapidly and have been known to destroy thousands of wildlife yearly. Some extend so far that they eventually reach human settlements and cause a havoc.

Jeff's discovery is what should be applauded. It can go a Long way in saving millions of human life , wildlife and property. However , I think we need favourable government policies to back this up because in a third world country like mine, new innovations like Strong Water are rarely welcome

Thanks for sharing this, dear @donkeypong


I agree, govt needs to stand atleast on issues like these which are in the favourite of whole humanity, make some efforts, use technology, educate people on it, and more importantly put some brakes on big corporates who are in the field of industries which result in emission of poisonous gases, curb their process making and find a way out which is renewable to nature