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RE: Strong Water: A Google Journey Through American Culture and Innovation

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Look you definitely went down the Rabbit Hole and I would have fallen for the Title as well so no biggie. But, I'm psyched you did this because I walk along the fire road in Bel Air where the big fire was in December that made world news. I thought to myself there should be some type of gel invented to spray onto the ridge the promotes the growth of grass and helps the sand cling together. Something that would ward off fire and prevent the mudslides afterward. I'm glad someone is looking into this and has developed something.


The fires in your area were quite scary this time. I hope the fire gel helps also.

I'm not sure if they will use the new stuff in my area but I hope they at least try it. I ended up losing my business to damage. Its been a struggle to recover so I had to close down. You never think that it could happen in Los Angeles. I always thought the fires would stay out in the brush.