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Android 10 今日登陆 Google Pixel 手机

"果然如许多人猜测的一样,名字变得没那么「可口」的 Android 10,今天开始正式向 Google 自己的 Pixel 手机开放了。而且按照官方说法,他们「正与各家伙伴协力合作」,以求「在今年内推出 Android 10 更新」。所以不出意外的话,包括三星、索尼、联想在内的多个品牌,应该很快就会公布自己的升级安排吧。 如果你现在仍对 Android 10 不太了解的话,我们这里再做一些简单的介绍。在这个新版本中,Google 引入了系统级的深色模式,导览时的手势也有了新的变化。同时新的专注模式能让使用者在特定…"


Android 10 goes live for Google's Pixel phones today

" Android 10 might not have a delicious, dessert-themed name (and for good reason ), but some of you can take solace in the fact that it's available to install today. As usual, Google Pixel owners are getting first crack at the update, and we wouldn't be surpri…"


Android 10 transforms hearing aids into Bluetooth headsets

" In addition to features like a system-wide dark mode and more granular privacy controls, Android 10 is adding new accessibility features. One of the highlights is designed to help those who wear hearing aids to get the most out of their Android smartphone. Us…"


Netflix's 'Between Two Ferns' trailer looks as ridiculous as you'd expect

" Netflix has finally offered a peek at Between Two Ferns: The Movie just days before its September 20th premiere, and there's little doubt that Zack Galifianakis and crew are upping the ante for their magnum opus. The trailer starts with a Matthew McConaughey …"


Firefox 69 blocks cookies and crypto-mining tracking by default

" After announcing new security efforts in June, Mozilla is now rolling out the features for all Firefox users on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. By partnering with Disconnect, Firefox will now block third-party cookies; it can also block crypto-miner..."


GM will offer free OnStar crisis support during Hurricane Dorian

"As Hurricane Dorian begins crawling towards Florida's coast, automakers are doing their part to help. GM announced today that they will offer free OnStar Crisis Assist services to all owners of properly equipped Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac veh..."


You can try Ubisoft's Uplay+ gaming subscription for free today

" Ubisoft announced it was getting on the gaming subscription bandwagon at E3 in June, and now the launch date for the service is finally here. From today, Windows PC users can subscribe to Uplay+ to play a wide variety of Ubisoft's popular titles. The Uplay+ s…"


Apple Watch bands may one day identify you by skin pattern

" The United States Patent and Trademark Office just granted a trio of patents to Apple for Apple Watch smart bands. While bands with the features detailed in the filings might never reach retail shelves, they give an intriguing look at what Apple may..."


Dell XPS 15 review (2019): A powerful laptop in need of a refresh

" Dell's XPS series has been an industry favorite for years. We particularly love the 13-inch -- Devindra Hardawar, the only person at Engadget who's a bigger PC nerd than me, even called the XPS 13 the "perfect ultraportable". The XPS 15 is simi..."


YouTube's channel removals soar following hate speech crackdown

" YouTube's tougher stance on hate speech has led it to culling much, much more conent than it has in the past. The Google-owned video service has revealed that it removed over 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos for hate speech, both fivefold increase..."


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