‘No Virtual, Crypto is True’, In 4th Industry Policy Direction Seminar

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'Yun Kyung Min, expressed for strong will about blockchain technology'
'Damon&Cworld, expand blockchain domain for its POK(Proof of Key) technology'

The 4th Industry Policy Direction Seminar, was opened by Korea Blockchain Adjustment Association(Director Bak Gi Hun), California Victor University Blockchain Lab(Professor Jung Guang Sik), inviting Blockchain Marketing Federation as partner, at Conference Hall 2nd Meeting Room, in June 18.
This seminar is for discuss about direction of financial policy, including the adoption of blockchain technology, the core of 4th industry. At this place, many major people gave congratulatory message, such as Lee Jong Gul(member of The Minjoo Congress), Song Hee Kyung(member of The Hangug Congress), Hong Sung Gwon(National Assembly Legislative Policy Research Meeting Vice President). And then many fields(economy, industry, development, technology, security, etc.) of professors opened lectures, such as Chu Yun Su(Director of Korea Smart City Society), Lee Won Bu(Professor of DongGuk University), Yun Kyung Min(President of Damon-CWorld), Song Guan Bae(Professor of Myungji University), Na Jung Sik(President of Acteye Corp.)
Lee Jong Gul, the member of The Minjoo Congress, said at the congratulatory message “The blockchain technology has ultimate potential and value, but we have to think deeply about how to use that technology for our future rather than join reckless enthusiastic. I hope to this place is start point for open our future.”
Song Hee Kyung, the member of The Hangug Congress, pointed “Blockchain is the innovate technology for use the data as ‘secure’ and ‘ultimate’ method. This time, we should gather our wisdom for how to we use blockchain technology for successful 4th industry world”.
Also, at this seminar, Wu Duck Su(the director of Block Chain Marketing Alliance), Lee Yun Tae(the director of Korea Best Brand Association), Kim Pil Hyeon(the vice president of Sin-li Group) presented as cooperation. They are also join for about blockchain events and making of 4th industry job actively. The Block Chain Adjustment Association, opened this seminar, constructed at 2018, for ready that change of industry of society based by blockchain and related various technology. This institute opened special seminar at 2017, invited famous professors like Jerome C. Glenn(August), Thomas Frey(September), Ben Goertzel(October), Paul Werbos(December). Also, at 2018, it is opened another special seminar, invited famous professsors like Mila Popovich(March), Alex Zdrilko, Ben Goertzel and Sophia, the Artificial Intelligence Robot(May). This institute is expanding its influence for construct positive mind and strong environment about blockchain technology.
Yun Kyung Min, the president of Damon&Cworld, performing the present about PoK and R2X blockchain technology

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