UI Improvement Suggestions For Ecency Web/Desktop Interface

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When creating a technology/software/game, UI/UX development often take a backseat ending up with very mediocre or even unpleasant experience for the general users who are not very technologically savvy. If cryptocurrency plans on changing the world, it needs to be something usable by everyday people. Being grandma friendly is not a must. But it is a preferable state.

Even when we have a completely usable product, if there is a better option, people will like that better. One of the best precautions against some new blockchain or DAPP taking over the place of HIVE is to proactively make the UX one of the best in the class. General front ends like @ecency and @peakd have proven that there is a massive market for the users who want to superior UI/UX even when dealing with the exact same blockchain technology. @leofinance worked hard to create website that is very unique from rest of the Condenser based HIVE-Engine products.

These Are Only My Suggestions

I'm only one user and these small suggestions are based on what would improve my experience when using @ecency Few things about myself:

Ability To View HIVE-Engine Tokens in Wallet


This is likely the most difficult feature to implement. I can wait for it. Switching to @peakd is a minor inconvenience and I'm not always in need of wanting to take a look at HIVE-Engine balances. The next suggestions n the other hand are somethin I would be using more regularly.

Easy Navigation to Posts/Replies


"Profile" is full of other user's work and I prefer to get easy 1 click access to my Posts, Comments and Replies. At least I can use notifications to easily filter replies, but it lacks certain features like voting on the Replies.

Why Do I Have To Click on "Blog" First?


Why do I have to click on "Blog" before I navigate to other things like "Posts", "Comments" and "Replies"? It is costing me extra clicks and it is something I regularly have to go through Maybe it is just the way I use the blockchain.

Options Are Great

There is the possibility that some users would prefer the way things are and object the proposed changes. The best way could be the ability to choose what the user likes.

Thank You @good-karma

You have done some amazing work for HIVE with https://ecency.com https://hivesearcher.com and https://hivesigner.com Thait is why I think it would be great to have an easy way to vote for Witness for those who haven't already: