20 Years Anniversary Under Dialysis

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I t has been twenty years already and I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing, a blessing or a curse because obviously it is not a good experience having to endure this kind of lifestyle where you are in a constant state of discomfort. The difference is that at least now I do not have to worry about having to pay for the extra bills for every visit to the hospital and that I have a peace of mind that I will never having to see myself dying without getting treated.

During the course of my peculiar journey I haven't had a better dialysis because I am only getting dialyzed every five days plus the quality of my dialysis is not that good and not getting monitored for my bone health because my doctor didn't tell me about that brewing complication for my bones. That is why during the course of my illness my stature and appearance had changed without realizing it until it is just too little too late.

In my first two years of treatment the payment comes from out of pocket. My brother would get a loan from one of his friends without interest which is why I am highly indebted to one of my brothers. It was at that time my brother was only starting to work as an employee to their company here in our town's paper mill factory, Now he is a manager if not a supervisor and earning a good wage.

But they also took a loan from other people and I remember that instance where the loan shark wanted to get the money back plus interest sooner than the allocated time to finish the payment terms, so it was just a very bad person that took advantage of us. My brother told my mother not to take from that inconsiderate person again.

So having to worry about an expensive treatment on a six times monthly basis just took a hit on me and actually delayed the marriage of my brother that supported me. But we had an easement regarding paying for dialysis when my church (mcgi.org) offered a cheaper alternative until finally they didn't accepted payments anymore because of a biblical teaching not to ask payment for doing good to other people.

But the quality of dialysis went down as they are using the dialyzers for as long as possible so that it can save some operational costs which is why some patients suffered some form of lunacy caused by an elevation of creatinine and I am included in those patients. It is funny that when they are receiving payments they are offering me a thrice weekly treatment and after the treatments went free they are scheduling us in their convenience meaning they would adjust the days depending on their own activity like going to some place then the schedules are changed, the thrice weekly treatments are no longer possible.

Then the machine that I am exclusively using went broke until I just have to go out to other dialysis center. But the church paid for my treatments which is why I was getting a free treatment outside. It didn't meant that I had a good dialysis outside either because they are using the dialyzers until it showed alarms in the dialysis machine because it happens when the dialyzers are old and have blockages.

Then after I was able to acquire a health insurance from the government I used that finally. At first I do not know how to use it because of course you have to pay for the premiums. Having no money from my pocket I wasn't able to use it until I was able to earn online and pay for the whole year premium and after ten months it is ready and at that point I am already covered until the coverage got extended but with a compromise of taking out the EPO injections that comes with the treatment.

Then I figured out that I needed a better type of dialyzer, a high flux type that has bigger holes that can filter out bigger molecule toxins like uric acid and from that point on my dialysis quality had gotten better but not quite since my blood pressure is interrupting and it causes me not to receive an optimal treatment session as they have to slow down the blood pump.

But I am still considering a kidney transplant so that at least I can taste a life free from having to go to the hospital, having a better quality of life, and experiencing life as near normal as possible. But I just have to make sure that I can sustain the after-surgery expenses because it will take a ton of money to sustain it for as long as the kidney works.

I really do not know what the future will bring to me and Just letting God direct my path in this difficult type of life that I have but I am feeling hopeful that maybe there is something better for me in this life in the near future I don't know.

Under Dialysis



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