Have you ever been featured by @qurator? Competition inside! (Cover 271 - 300)

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Qurator has been around for more than 300 days now I am sad to see so many Steemians have left the platform since then. The previous post saw very few entrants, with that being said I am going to host a little competition to see who is still around and steeming away. This is the 9th round of the competition. This is now a competition that will be hosted each month. YEAH!

Have you been on the cover of Qurator?

Qurator has over 300 Daily Edition's out and that means more than 1500 posts featured. In each edition, we feature a member's picture on the cover and this competition is to give the members who stuck around for the long run a chance to win a little extra from me.

In the picture above we can see a collage of covers from day 271 to 300. If your image was featured in any of the above covers then please let me know in the comment section below (with the link of your original post) and stand a chance to win half of the SBD generated by this post. A little extra reward for all those sticking around. =)

Next month we will do covers 301 to 330.

Winner of Cover 241-270 - 0.801SBD (decided to give all the SBD pf the post since the numbers are so low lately, =P)


Featured on day 253 of the Daily Qurator.


Good luck to everyone!

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