Drugwars - The Real Free Crypto Game - Giving away 100 Steem!

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We are seeing more and more games popping up on the Steemit chain and I am loving it! The thing is though most of them require some sort of initial investment and some time as well. This time around with Drugwars, that is not the case. Dare I even say there is indeed a free lunch after all...

Drugwars might be the easiest game to play and even just by registering you will start receiving some daily rewards. YEP! Just registering, nothing else.

The game is pretty simple and it will actually take very little of your time, perhaps 5 minutes a day or if you want to play more, 10 minutes of your day. =P

So how does it work?

You are the kingpin and you need to provide your empire with the valuable resources so you can cash out in steem!

  • You produce 3 resources (DRUGS, WEAPONS, ALCOHOL)

  • You have to upgrade your buildings in order to produce more of these resources.

  • To upgrade your buildings you need DRUGS, WEAPONS, and ALCOHOL. (Can also speed it up by upgrading with steem)

  • The more Drugs you produce the more Steem you earn. DON'T just focus on producing drugs, you need the other resources too!


So to sum it up, start off with your buildings, let them produce your resources. Check in once a day to upgrade whatever you can. Sit back and enjoy the free steem.

That easy? YES!

Why on earth am I giving away 100 Steem?!?

So why am I telling you this? Well, first of all, games are fun and if we can earn some extra Steem from them then why not give it a try. Secondly, I want to get some referrals for @qurator's account to generate some extra funds to help out with the costs of operating Qurator. I know the referrals don't generate that much, but every bit helps and if we can get a few accounts registered then that will help a lot in the long run.

100 Steem give away!

I will be splitting a total of 100 Steem to whoever follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register with this link : https://staging.drugwars.io/#!/ref/@qurator
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Comment with "Done!" under this post.

The 100 Steem will then be split evenly to all those who followed the above 3 steps. Payouts will be when this post reaches payout and after confirming the referral.

You don't even have to play the game, but if you do you could be earning more! =P

Please double check that @qurator is your referrer to be eligible for the bonus. (In the HELP tab of your game)


Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope to see you earning some Steem by playing games!

Note: Creating accounts simply for the 100 steem reward will not count, needs to be an active account here on steemit.

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via steemit.com or steemconnect

Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!



I'm already playing from a different referral.. and I can't UV because VP to low.. have a !tip instead

Appreciate the tip and thanks for checking in =)

done! i like the game and slowly preparing to build more and waiting for more release! also would love to gain rewards from it so i can become a whale one day to help others

It is slow in the beginning but more and more fun as you progress. Thanks for choosing us as your referrer. Also, like that you want to help others once you are a whale. All the power to you mate. =)

Thank you Sir! Really appreciate it, it helps

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Done ✌️✌️✌️

Really this game design is dope.

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Awesome! =) Saw the registration and you will get your share of the 100 Steem. Thanks

Thank you very much. How to get upvotes from qurator?

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You will have to become a member first. This can be done via our review process. Send 4 steem to @qurator to start the review process.

For more info check this post: https://steempeak.com/qurator/@qurator/qurator-4-0-or-multiplier-system-or-update

Great, what if my content is not par with review rules. Will the steem will be refunded? If we become member, is there any monthly or weekly fee to receive upvotes.

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You will be refunded yes.

For the first month we give bonus upvotes in order to pay you back the steem for registration.

After the 1st month, you can delegate, upvote or send steem to @qurator for upvotes. =)

Very tempting may have to take you up on this offer. But does that mean I have to give them all my keys? Or can I just sign up without it?

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They do require your Private Active Key. They make use of Steemconnect so your key will be safe. They don't keep any of the keys on their site, they can't access/see them when using steemconnect.

Done! Congratulations you convinced me with your generous offer hopefully it's mutually beneficial for the both of us. Next step is to join Qurator.

Thanks for that. =) See you in the list and you will get your payout after this post reaches payout. Yes please join Qurator as well. It helps build up your account in the long run. =)


This is an active account, HONEST! I did NOT just create it simply for the 100 Steem reward. Cross my heart!

Whoohoo! Glad to see you join in on the fun. =) Know your account really well =P

I have done it all . This game is really addictive .

Thanks, your share will be heading your way as soon as the post reaches payout. It is really fun, right? Loving how passive it is. =)


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Awesome! Thanks =)

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I was just waiting to use the right referral. Thanks for this post @scrooger. I have done it. Cheers.

Guess you found the right referral then! Thanks for choosing Qurator. Much appreciated!

done, thank you lots

Awesome! Thank you very much!

Hi, @scrooger!

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I already have @pifc as my referrer. Are you trying to bribe me to change it? 😅 😅 😅

Hahaha! Nope, not at all. I feel if you already have a referrer then they earned you fair and square. Stick with your original ref. =)

My loading screen keeps getting stuck on "Creating Immutable Character" though... ???

Done. Now I just have to work out how to play! 😂

Whoohoo! Thanks for joining!

The easiest is just to be patient and upgrade your buildings.

There are 3 main resources.

Keep the generation at a similar level to ensure you will have enough resources for upgrades.

Click about and read wherever you can, it will become transparent pretty soon. I was also lost in the start =)

Done! I have just registered

Done..Thank you!

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Done and resteemed too!

I am on other ref


Macke a big gang!

Done 💖💖💖

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!bookkeeping drugwars

Hi @praditya!



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