The Daily Qurator #127 - Upvoting at $0.12 - $1.98 - 700+ Members! Whoohoo!

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Cover art by - @seersalomon

Welcome to the 127th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

The @qurator project was created to help give Steemians some extra exposure and awesome upvotes currently worth around $0.12 - $1.98!

Note: some of you have been curated twice since the start of the daily qurator and some have been curated only once. As the Daily Qurator is gaining fame with every passing day, many new steemians are asking/will ask to join us. So, expect to see posts from new users for now. When the opportunity arises, posts from older users will be curated once again

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:


Dilemma Date

Just like every Saturday night, my husband and I went out for our weekly date, leaving behind the kids with their respective caregivers... As usual, there is always a dilemma within me as a mother. One part of me wanted to hang out with my husband. Another part of me desperately wanted to stay at home to cuddle with kids

We all need a break when raising a family; and every week @iamjadeline and her husband head off for their weekly date. But see why this weekly time alone to connect with her husband is causing her some hesitation. Maybe give her some encouraging words and support!


There Is A New Witness In Town: OCD-Witness

I usually don't make a post to advertise a steem witness cause i believe that voting on witnesses is everyone's personal choice. However I will make an exception in this case..
This is not an advertisement per se, but rather an analysis on a fellow steemian who has recently decided to run for witness...

Have you voted for a steemit witness yet? Do you know how? What makes a good steemit witness? So many questions, so many witnesses to vote for? How will you ever decided! @jbn has some thoughts on a witness that's new. Stop over and see what is being shared in this post.


Surprising Discoveries In Oslo, Norway- Ice Bar, Architecture, Castle, Waterfront And Other Cool Places To See

Oslo is a beautiful city, but I definitely did not expect what I saw. The thing is I did not plan to go to Oslo and I did not even research about it... The first surprising thing to me was that Oslo doesn’t have that many old buildings. There is so much history in European countries, old castles and very beautiful architectural buildings. In Oslo, most buildings were relatively new and had modern style

Come along for an exciting time as @ella-kay gives us a tour of Olso, Norway! A visit to the neighborhood called Aker Brygge with all its quaint little shops and storefronts to an “ICY” bar! You have got to see all the sights she has to share!


Hong Kong Snapshot 60- The Vanishing Old Hong Kong- North Point

The new and the old, how to choose? What to lose? It’s a hot topic of the whole world recently. When the economy and life of people become better, people start to miss the old things... It’s mankind. When life is not good, we wish to have new things. When life becomes good, we wish to preserve the old things.

Out with the old, in with the new? Take a look at all the images and pictures @aaronli is sharing on his trip to Hong Kong. Buildings getting new facades and new construction is everywhere!


Lessons In Writing: Strong Verbs

A verb is usually the action word in the sentence... Some verbs are stronger than others. They can paint clearer pictures in one's mind.

Let's take a trip back to primary school and see who can remember how to use “strong” verbs when putting together a sentence. Ready to take a quiz? Well, @dandalion has one just waiting for you in this post!

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  4. Only ONE LINK PER DAY is allowed.

If you notice that someone left the link without respecting the rules, please report it to one the Moderators.

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We will be doing a weekly Tasty Tuesday that will focus on food related blogs. Photography and Food is something that gets overlooked by Steemit quite a lot so we want to help out a bit by getting more people involved in both categories.

To view our latest Tasty Tuesday please visit this link to cast your vote for your favorite dish!

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tier 2: do i need to upvote 7+ times with 100% power? or just enough so the post receives a minimum?


The vote must be worth at least $0.01 to be seen as some support. =)

Comments do not count. =)


if i upvote 7 post in a single day, would that count?


We normally count the upvotes each time we do a new Tiers update post. So basically all the posts between the tier update posts. We then upgrade you to you respective tier. So you can do all of them in one day. Just do them on a Sunday.


Okay, thank you

and also does upvoting @qurator's comments counts?

Thank you for featuring me and also other great authors. So humbled and so many things to learn from you all. Will continue to create good meaningful content. 💖


That's the right attitude you have there! Happy to have featured you and appreciate the kind thanks! Steem on! =)

Highly directional in your post
Thank you for sharing this story

nice post

Hey @qurator: I have still not received an up vote today? Even though I made my(first) post 18 hours ago.


We added you to our system last night after the registration fee was received. We suggest just hitting edit and update on that post of yours to ping the bot. =)


Great thanks!

how to be member of curator ?


For more info about QURATOR click this link.

Will explain what the Qurator project is. =)

Hi, how do I register? Do I just transfer you 2 SBD or Steem?


Yes you can transfer it to our wallet and we will process it from there. Thanks


Thank you!

@qurator Thanks! I just recently stumbled on this. I sent a message to @scrooger on the steemitchat to help me assess if I am allowed to join. Hope i followed the correct instructions ><


You followed the right steps. Thanks. My is not responding for some reason. Will put your account in for review =)


thank you @scrooger! how would i be able to receive an update for this?


We will comment here under this comment. Account reviews normally take a while though so please be patient =)


Thank you @qurator ! will look forward to your reply when its done! :D


hi @qurator and @scrooger ! sorry to bug you here again, was afraid you forgot about me! ><

what you convey is very useful for me personally bro

excellent...and thanks for your support!!

Always finding new reads from daily curation thanks @qurator Team.

why today i can upvote from @qurator 0.3%.


Hi @jasonmunapasee. Apologies, seems to have been an error with our Tier update. Fixed it. =)


ok, I get it.
you can repeat the upvote @qurator.

why me today can upvote from @qurator 0.3%.


Hi @junef. Apologies, seems to have been an error with our Tier update. Fixed it. =)


for today I have not got vote @qurator

why today i can not upvote


Seems like you just missed the 24 hour cut-off. Edit and update your post to ping the bot =) Give it a few minutes and if it still doesn't upvote let me know =)


thank you


Thanks you

for today I have not got vote @qurator


Seems like you just missed the 24 hour cut-off. Edit and update your post to ping the bot =) Give it a few minutes and if it still doesn't upvote let me know =)

I was given a vote. Please turn around, please

Love being on tier 2!