Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #97 - Temptation is Here!

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Juicy! Juicy!

Teppanyaki Zen01.jpg

Teppanyaki Zen - A Diced Cut Beef Steak Set

Japanese food for our Tasty Tuesday today. Taken in Rakuzen at 3 Damansara branch, a bit of high-end dining place, luckily this was a treat from a friend, so I had this whole set for free!

I asked for the beef to be cooked medium well. Sometimes I like it medium rare if I'm having a big steak. This is just nicely cooked with tender and juicy at the same time.

Teppanyaki Zen02.jpg

Teppanyaki Zen03.jpg

Since it's a set, besides the beef and the fried veggies on the side, it also comes with a whole lot of other things. Let's see what else we got here, so there's Garlic Fried Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, Cold Tofu and Watermelon fruit.

I could not finish it myself, so I shared this with Rose and we enjoy it very much, especially it's a free meal!! Haha...


My mission is to make you, and also the curators from @qurator to start drooling with this. So, have I attracted any hungry people yet!?? Hehehe... I'll see you in my next post!


This is my entry for @qurator's Tasty Tuesday #97. Check out the details here for more of this amazing contest.


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Umm yummy! I don't think you can finish all this mean alone.

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I can't!! Haha

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Thank you!

This looks wonderful, @joelai. Great photos and yummy food for free. What else could you want :)

@tipu curate

So true! Thanks for stopping by and the curate too!

Looks yummy!!

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Looks very delicious) Especially meat))

Indeed it was @amalinavia! I am blessed.

That looks delicious and just what I need right now, am so hungry...

What will you be having? :P

I don't know yet, but probably paella with veg which I've got frozen in the fridge. Too wet to go out and get anything else...

Well, paella sounds nice! Is it raining season over there now?

We don't really have a rainy season, although the last weeks have been very wet. Some years it rains all the time, but usually we have more rain than sun...

Can't imagine wet for weeks and rain more than the sun... I would be depressed!

yes, it's a national pastime, being depressed and talking about the weather...

Ohh that looks so good, I also go for Medium Rare

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yes, it was so good!

I’ll have my beef well done. 😃

It does look like a lot of food for one person- glad you shared. 😊

Thanks for stopping by @redheadpei!

This makes me hungry. Love that teppenyaki.

Your post definitely got me drooling @joelai! Is that Kobi beef?

I'm not sure what kind of beef they used, definitely not Wagyu for sure :P

Oooooh! and Wow! This is good enough to set me drooling for the rest of the day my dear friend.
Medium rare is the way to go!

You like medium rare too! Yay!

Medium rare, the best as far as I am concerned, as it brings out the best flavor.

I believe so as well!

this just made me more hungry! argghh!!

Hahaha.. Oops...

That's alotta food @joelai and looks very yummy to boot! 👍

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