Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #98 - Signature Beef Rice Noodles

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Here I have a photo of one of Signature Beef Rice Noodle from a small little cafe in District One, HCMC, Vietnam. This was taken during our food expedition a month ago when my hubby came down to HCMC to help me pack up and move home.


You may not see the small red chilies cooked along with this dish but believe me that it's there. Hidden away from plain eye sight but not from the taste. One bit of the noodles and the taste of the freshness of both the noodles and meat is unavoidable. Then the firery taste of the red chili burn on both tongue and throat.

As it was too hot for both of us, we could not finish this dish. Instead we packed it home since we were also full from the other dishes which we ordered.

Well, hope you like this week's choice of food for Tasty Tuesday! Until next time.

This is my entry for @qurator's Tasty Tuesday #98. Check out the details below for more of this amazing contest.


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I hope you enjoy my photo as it's taken from my Huawei .

bad gif.gif



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That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thank you for dropping by.
The food is good... Just too spicy at that point of time :)

That looks really really good, but I'm glad it wasn't me trying it, because I don't handle red chili's very well. Nonetheless, it has still made me hungry. :)

Ha ha..Imagine not knowing how spicy it is and taking a big mouthful in.
The shock on the face .. all turning red.. ha ha

Chillis = making you sweat and release endorphins since the beginning of time.

Ah Ha.. So true indeed..

ooh, that looks really appetizing :)

Ha ha.. Don't be deceived by its beauty..
Beauty kills :)