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RE: Standard Image Sourcing for the Qurator Project

in #quratorlast year

Hello @qurator,

I'm thinking about enrolling and checked my posts for proper image sourcing. In some cases - especially when using share2steem for posts coming from twitter - I had issues because the relating images from sources did not come up properly in the share2steem from twitter post. I then made a copy of the image to place it in the top of the article so it would show up in my blog overview of articles. These were the same images as in the linked article. I did not place an extra image source under these images. Would you treat this as stolen content? If so I would have to re edit all these posts before enrolling with your service.



As long as there is a link to an article where the image was taken from, there should be no problem. It doesn't have to be under the image directly.
We would love to see some personal touch to the articles you share though.

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