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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

in #qurator6 years ago

This looks like a marvelous program for visibility; as soon as I am "big enough," I will totally participate.

What seems nice about @qurator is that it appears reciprocal, and a lot more than just people paying for upvotes. And it's nice that you don't include some of the spammy places. I like to read real things about life and people (and cats!) not auto-generated garbage that only exists so someone can milk the system of every possible penny!

Two paws up!



We try our best to get only real content creators on board. Everyone is manually reviewed and approved to help keep the quality standard up. Will be waiting for you to join later on. =)

Thank you! Maybe after a month or so I can do that.

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