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RE: Qurator Tier Changes

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This is great news with additional options of upvoting @qurator posts with 0.03 or 0.05 SBD worth votes to stay in Tier 1 Tier 2 respectively. In that way, it will also give an option to earn some SP through curation and in the mean time, gives an option to support @qurator's good work.

Appreciate this :)


Hey @coolguy123, that's exactly what I was thinking! It's great that @qurator listened to those who were feeling a little upset with the changes and then came up with a perfect solution. I hope those unhappy people see this and are thankful for it :)

Yeah, thanks to @qurator, it's now a more viable solution to all.
Hey, how's Brian, long time didn't get a chance to chat with you. Hope everything is fine

Good day :)

We haven't talked for a little bit! I've missed chatting to you :) Thank you for asking, but Brian's had a few rough days and we are beginning to notice little changes fairly regularly now. His immune system is pretty shot and he keeps getting different infections. Such is the nature of the beast I guess. It is kind of you to think of him though. How have you been?

Sorry to hear that @lynncoyle1 nothing is in his or your hand, when god calls back, we all have to go one or the other day, I just wish atleast few more days of energy and courage to withstand those pains and give some more moments of joy to you and your family members.

I am doing good, just be brave and keep writing to keep yourself relieved.

That is so sweet and so very true. We can only make our days as special as possible, what comes next is completely out of our hands. Accepting that truth, makes everything a little bit easier to deal with.

Thank you @coolguy123, I appreciate that very much!

We can only make our days as special as possible

Yes, that is very much the best thing you can do at this point of time. It's nice to know that you have the complete control of the situation after knowing that nothing can change the thing which is going to happen and that should make you a bit relaxed although there will be a disappointment.

Appreciate your courage and the willpower you have.

Have a great day :)

That is so true about the curation :) It all slowly adds up to build up the account.
Thank you for your comment and support!

Yes, although we need to spend some extra voting power, but that gives us some extra reward and also a satisfaction of getting a curation reward with supporting @qurator's activities.

Looking forward to be in Tier 2 for the remainder of April and full of May as I am a new member of @qurator.

Thanks for everything @qurator team.

Yes, you will have the whole May on T2 :)

Glad to know that, thanks for the confirmation @qurator.

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