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RE: Standard Image Sourcing for the Qurator Project

in #qurator2 years ago (edited)

Very nice article. There are also many other free websites apart from the ones mentioned in Step One. We can use it from those websites as well. There are also few very good photographers available in Instagram, they give their photos under CC0 licence. We can also use them. The below post was from @steemstem community. It also has some valuable information. Just an addition to this wonderful article.


Hi @bala41288, the websites mentioned on step one are mere examples and perhaps the most well known ones. Obviously, if someone is truly interested in doing things right will not have any issues finding others.
And thank you very much for reinforcing the need of sourcing things correctly!

Yes, that is so true @brumest. But unfortunately, even good writers are quite ignorant about selecting the right image. They add sourcing to their images but they sometimes select a random copyrighted image using google search and add it as the source.

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